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The Business Value


Part B – The Business Value

-In this report, you will focus on a continuous process of measuring and demonstrating how IT spending contributes to value creation. You will learn about the many activities that should be conducted around the assessment of the business value.

-Choose 2 principles from the reading below and discuss each one of them within the context of your course project:(  My COURSE PROJECT IS ABOUT Starbucks: Transforming into the Leader of O2O Business Model: Starbucks want to provide a model of melding a physical retail operation with digital channels — Starbucks mobile pay. The mobile pay changes customers’ consumption method and connected tight between customer and Starbucks company through digital and social media at the same time. Additionally, loyalty programs have also been used in this digital vision revaluation, which called Starbucks Rewards™ membership to off a truly innovative mobile experience for customers. Starbucks expect the mobile payment system could added more function, which made the app more powerful and smoothies and give customers better user experience when consumption. )

–  Report 3B should be no more than 3 pages in length, excluding the cover sheet and reference page. Support your analysis by using appropriate scholarly citations and references. Use proper APA format.

-Choose 2 principles from the reading :

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Realizing the Business Value IT Investments, 2004


●  AIAC Framework will help CIO to conceive and implement an IT investment
payoffs that ensure creation of the appropriate value of assess and measure the
actual outcomes. 

●  AIAC framework: ( Alignment , Involvement , Analysis , and Communication )
The Alignment Phase: were all technology investments, (IT investment can be responsible for different goal such as reduce cost), examined under serious and critical review to see if it’s right locates between the business strategy and the IT investment is supporting that strategy.
The Involvement Phase: users are involved in evolution payoff process using metrics that are appropriate. Thus, the organization is responsibly to support the IT-business 

strategy alignment and consider the project a primary responsibility and provide both internal and external opportunities to support as well as resource requirements. 

The Analysis Phase: It is the most difficult part as to assess the actual payoff. Many IT projects use inappropriate analysis measurements that gives inaccurate and misleading result. 

The Communication Phase: is the last phase were the findings of the analysis are shared to the organization in simple, meaningful and useable form. This phase is important to promote learning and improvements as well as to remove any ambiguity around the analysis result. 

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