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The Bully: Discover the Truth behind the Mask


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The Bully: Discover the Truth Behind the Mask

Bullies are individuals with a tendency to intimidate threaten humiliate and dominate others in neighborhoods, schools and even at workplaces. It is argued that bullies are a result of social settings where misinformation is openly relayed to others on situations relating to victims, tyrants and power (Helge, 2008), therefore bullying is a learned behavior. In today’s world, bullies have happened to manifest themselves through an approach to life that deviates from accepted moral norms threatening the advancement of humanity with better social attitudes and interactions. Important arms of institutions such as legal and administrative offices have been hijacked by individuals with such tendencies. This has had an effect of negatively impacting on humane people and destroying the true value of real emotions. Bullies are more of soul eaters, often leaving their victims feeling drained and wasted. They tend to pursue friends and love for apparently no material gain but rather for their own immaterial satisfactions. They may fail to relate to pain in an emotional sense and consider frustrations of not getting their demands met as pain (Jadczyk & Knight-Jadczyk, 2009).

Interventions to reduce the prevalence of bully behavior have been formulated by many education institutions, from junior schools to tertiary institutions. Behavior therapy is strongly recommended as a means of intervention with approaches focused on acceptance and commitment therapy, functional analytical psychotherapy, and dialectic behavior therapy. Based on research carried out detailing the results of empirical, contextual, probability statistics of the functionality of individual counseling and group counseling; use of Reality Theory and Gestalt Theory; Adlerian Theory; Logotherapy; Person Centered Therapy; REBT Therapy and Psychoanalysis are applied to intervene in mitigating the prevalence of bully behavior.


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