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The Beast Poem Analysis


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The Beast

There stood a tiger with a tail coiled

And a skin slippery like a surface oiled

‘I give you the end of a golden string

In the depth of the eternal spring

My tongue is fire; prophecy of a snake

Look, my three icons; entities of my make

I embodied the Word in the Holy Scripture’

The voice of the beast as loud as rapture

Flames of hell in its eyes graven

The blood eyes resembled a raven

Its eternal motive is an empire

Built in Rome; City I aspire

I’m paranoid that the charm in its gait

It will lead you in at Heaven’s gate

Notes on the Poem ‘The Beast’

The beats in this poem is a tiger that has a deep revelation of a kingdom. The pattern exhibits three things that must be squarely discussed:

Power-the animal dressed up with the will power to destroy and ensure that every stone is left unturned. In the contemporary meaning is that there are powers that rule the world in which all the civil societies follow unknowingly. For example, the world is craving football for it controls the society. The society is worshiping football as an idol, not a tool for entertainment anymore. The fifth line of the poem ‘my tongue is fire; prophecy of a snake’ demonstrates the extreme ends of where flames of fire can reach in lying and distraction. Therefore its power cannot be put under any metrics.

Mystery-the three heads are describe in the sixth line ‘Look, my three icons; entities of my make’. The mystery with the patterns that the world follows embodies the scripture. The scripture places other things that replace the true God as idols of worship. The beast in the poem takes the image of The Trinity. According to an assertion by Ellicot’s Commentary for English Readers (1997)… (Revelation of John chapter 12, para 3) the mystery of the beast with seven heads and ten horns is described as ill. However it has a will power to derail the whole world. A perfect example is football where fans commit suicide when a team is beaten. Therefore the deep mystery is how the beast embodies a greater Divinity without the knowledge of people.

Eternal Purpose-in the poem above, the creature has an eternal purpose to kill and destroy the divine knowledge of the Truth. Sport a context makes the world entertained, after which it makes the world addicted to it, after which it makes the world to worship it and its eternal purpose is to make the whole world to question the True knowledge of God. This is the direct ticket for distraction in hell as in the last two lines show; the world may not inherit God’s Kingdom.


Ellicot’s Commentary for English Readers (1997) : Revelation of John chapter 12, verse 3 (2)5:1-4

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