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The African American History Essay


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The African American History

The story is about the civil movement and how the music industry is still fighting hard to bring justice to societies. People have suffered a lot more so in the hands of the white people during the colonial period. People were killed, people were brutalized and raped. This rose the attention of the churches, the preachers and the likes of King stood firm and said that in as much as this is taking place, there shall come a time when people shall dine together, where the leadership shall change. (Brown-Nagin, (2012). Now the music industry has been agitating for the coming glory where the pains, the war between nations shall come to an end.  the dreams of the marginalized people are being fulfilled by God even though at some given time people try to neglect their fellow men and women because of their complexion, their ethnic background, and finally their level of intelligence.  The same persecution is still felt in the current life; people mistreat others because of their inability in terms of their earnings.  Young ladies are even getting raped by their employers and that is what Legend said that the glory will one day arise and people will be judged accordingly. 

The song by John Legend and the speech by Martin Luther King were all focused on the tranquility of the human being. The fact that equality was a subject of discussion raised the eyebrows of Americans including the musicians who believed that the government was badly oppressing people in America. (Legend, J. (2015). It was still this time when Americans were fighting for justice, for the release of the people, and above all to ensure that the rights of everyone were taken into consideration.  In the ancient days, American was a hot cake where non-American could not get it easy in their land. They were being mocked, they were being overused, and they were being mistreated and poorly handled because of their skin color, their origin, and above all even their educational background. This is when the men who were concerned stood by their feet to stand for the rights of every person, they stood to call a sin a sin, they stood to dispute the fact that the act was inappropriate, and above all, they were killed but they believed that one day, equality shall rain the land, there shall come a time where the black shall fight to occupy the higher office and that will determine the road of equality. 

The hip-hop song by John and Common was a song which portrayed the civil right of the people which some men talked about in the early 1950s; they were claiming equality and the rights of and freedom of people to make the world feel the freedom from slavery. During those days, civilized countries were very much oppressing the marginalized countries such as African countries, Asian countries, and so many other countries. The black Africans were used wrongly in the white men’s farms, they were used as the slave trade and they were used to do odd jobs. Martin had a dream that foreshows the black man being in charge of the superpower nation. His dream came to be when Barack Obama resumed the white house as the 44th president of the United States.

The same dream by John legend on the issue of the glory, John can see how the human being is suffering a lot, people are dying and the war is taking place among the nations. The marginalized people are seeking peace, there is terrorism in the world, and technology has made people invent weapons that are used to harm lives, some nations are fighting to grab the natural resources in the developing countries because of the powers that they have, and this pains the musicians such as John and common and indeed they seek for the glory, the big day when justice shall be revealed to everyone regardless of the status, the occupation, the title of the person, etc.

The song was released in 2015 by an artist called John Legend. Legend is an American rapper and singer.  The song was brought to people’s ears in December 2014 by Columbia records of which the theme of the song was named “Selma” which was used to portray the 1965 Selma to Montgomery matches. The song was taken for Billboard Hot 100 and it became number 49 and after that, the owner of the song organized the video pictures of the song which was released in January 2015.  The song got awarded as the best original song in the 87th Academy awards the same year and it also got the 72nd Golden Awards in the same year of 2015.  Those who listened to the song voted for it as the best-written song for visualization and the song was awarded the 58th Annual Grammy.

Music video of the song was first directed by numerous pictures and then placed song on the common’s official Vevo account in early 2015.  The video which was introduced was played with composer Legend playing the piano as a sign of introducing the song then he follows by singing the song.  The singer introduced his song when rapping to the people everywhere as the song hits slowly by slowly. (Legend, J. (2015). The song was awesome and for several years it was being played on American morning television shows.

February 8, 2015, the two partners in this song performed this song as a culmination to the 57th Annual Grammy Awards ceremonies that were held at the staples center in Los Angeles, California, etc.  Again the duo performed their song during the 87th Academy Awards in February of the same year. They used the stage settings of Selma’s Edmund Pettus Bridge and out of their good performance, they emerged the best and were given an award which was Oscar that they got simply because they had a good and best-performed song. Their song was sounding original and quality. Out of their good hearts, common being a partner showed a surprise to a child with a live performance of their song the “Glory” which he sang in support of the Brother’s keeper challenge program.  This was done as a promotion which was organized by Omaze on a private internet company that raises a lot of charity funds through online auctioning and sales of the merchandise.  The song “Glory ”  has been one of the kinds of songs of its own and on many occasions, it is the number 4 song due to its uniqueness of composition.

The song focuses on the coming glory where the song assures us that those who will win the victory will see a good kingdom which is kept for those who have won the victory.  Here is the paragraph of the song as it goes with its lyrics.

            The Song is religious that expresses the feelings we have now and the feelings that we shall have when the glory comes to us.  Just the same way John cries for the glory because the earth is lost, what people are doing is pure oppression, satanic and it is not much different from what Martin King cried for. The freedom for all, the time where those who are perceived to be weak, those who are poor shall one day rule the rulers.  Shall be honored because the power shall be on their hands and on to those days, they shall have the power to command those who used to command them.

Earlier in 1955, American people were tired of being oppressed, being discriminated and above all being mocked because of their ethnic background, racial and cultural backgrounds.  The black-skinned and brown-skinned people could not bear the humiliation anymore. The story was intense and people got tired of the then government. Everyone walked out the street to fight for justice, for respect, and above all for their freedom of speech, freedom of worship, and equality in the land.  This issue stirred up the war in American land.  This strike was called a Montgomery Bus boycott. No one was left in the house while everyone was out to look for justice and to claim their rights in the land. There was a lot of inequality in job sharing, sharing of government resources, etc.

Martin Luther King stood parallel with the government and formed the movement to demand justice, the movement to demand rights of everyone, the movement that was laid strong to stop the racism, the poverty among the marginalized people, and above all to put the government on toes on matters of slave trade activities. His words raised the concern among the black color and the brown color people, they show the sense in his words, and the movement was set to rescue the man from the hands of dictatorship and death. King assured the marginalized people that his dream was told in the book of Genesis verse 39 and soon he will live to see the human equality where their hall never e a talk of ethnicity, the gender, the racism, and many people shall enjoy the freedom out of their hard work.  He kept his promises to people by saying that the glory is the time when now equality shall be the talk of the days and surprisingly the words of the King came to be when Obama took the highest office in the white land where oppression killed many people.

Amid those days, edified nations were especially persecuting the underestimated nations, for example, African nations, Asian nations thus numerous different nations. The dark Africans were utilized wrongly in the white men ranches, they were utilized as slave exchange and they were utilized to do unspecialized temp jobs. (Sattler, J., & Badel, P. (2014). Martin had a fantasy that foreshows the dark man being accountable for the superpower country. A similar dream by John legend on the issue of the magnificence, John can perceive how the individual is enduring a great deal, individuals are passing on and the war is occurring among the countries.

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