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Texas Government

Education is a critical element towards a socially stable and economically progressive society. Later this year, Texas voters will head for the ballot in an effort to affect 7 constitutional amendments to enable the Texas government raise more budgetary allocation to public education (Texas Legislative Council 3). Texas state public education is primarily funded through collection of property taxes. The first proposed constitutional amendment seeks to offer reprieve on a host of property owners from the onerous burden of ad valorem taxation (Texas Legislative Council 6). More so, if it passes through, the amendment will enable school districts raise more funds for the betterment of the Texas state education system. This paper seeks to present my personal views on the proposed amendments and how I will opt to vote on them come the Election Day.

I however am of the opinion that the opponents of this amendment have a more valid argument as compared to sections of the Texas voters supporting it. This is because it is an amendment that will benefit property owners only (Texas Legislative Council 7). Given that there is a need for this state’s government to bridge present socioeconomic disparities, it should seek ways to diversify the revenue base for education purposes. Therefore it should seek to offer tax reprieves that benefit wider populations to spur greater socioeconomic development which will in turn lead to multiplier and accelerator effects sustainably benefitting the education system. I would therefore vote no to this amendment.

As for the second proposition, I would vote yes. This is based on the premise that the state government ought to do more to improve the quality of life of families of disabled army veterans (Texas Legislative Council 18). For Proposition 3, I would vote yes. This is because I feel there is a greater need for the elected state officers to be in tune with the communities that have elected them into office (Texas Legislative Council 24). For Proposition 4, I will vote yes. This amendment will support the growth of charitable institutions which supplement the government’s efforts to offer broad based social welfare services (Texas Legislative Council 29). For Proposition 5, I will vote yes. This will serve to create jobs and ensure timely as well as cost effective measures to maintain rural road networks (Texas Legislative Council 32). For Proposition 6, I will vote yes, as this will enable the state residents to benefit from environmental conservation efforts and by extension foster greater efforts towards eco-friendly practices (Texas Legislative Council 36). For Proposition 7, I will vote yes as this will enable for the construction and maintenance of efficient road systems in the entire state (Texas Legislative Council 41).

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