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Tennessee’s Premier Regional Medical Distributor


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Tennessee’s Premier Regional Medical Distributor

The entire healthcare industry in the US is dependent on medical product distributors for the provision of on demand access to the more than 200,000 products vital for comprehensive patient care. Regional medical distributors play an important role in connecting numerous healthcare institutions and facilities (from hospitals, pharmacies to community healthcare centers) with local, national and international manufacturers of medical devices and medical goods.

Healthcare professionals are tasked with ensuring the right quantity, quality and variety of medical goods and devices are available for the provision of effective patient care service delivery. As such, this is the main reason why you find that a great number of professional healthcare delivery services in Tennessee look to Vessel Medical for distribution services contracts aimed at enabling the flawless delivery of medical supplies on a need be basis. This organization ensures that; hospitals, community based healthcare provision institutions, private doctor’s offices, pharmacies, ambulatory sites and even home care service providers with the medical goods and devices required.

Vessel Medical was established in the early 90’s with a vision aimed towards availing the Tennessee region with a healthcare products and devices wholesale distribution service. We have come to be recognized as the premier regional medical products supplier in Tennessee from our inherent ability to ensure due diligence focuses on attending to the unique needs of each one of our clients. The organization has a robust IT based logistics management system which ensures that you are in a position to realize lower expenditure on medical products as well as reducing logistical complexities by increasing the visibility of our supply chains.

The organization has grown over the past two decades to be appreciated and embraced as the premier Tennessee region medical distributor and as such, we are a renowned for being the most comprehensive single source medical supplies distributor. At Vessel medical, you can have access to an all inclusive line of medical products. This organization ensures that medical doctors, hospitals, pharmacists, dentists, healthcare institutions and patients have access to such medical products as laboratory equipment, paper/ disposables, Flu vaccines, patient care supplies as well as injectables are accessible to you. These are products sourced from top medical products manufacturers as Kimberly Clark, Pro Advantage, Procare, Quidel, Homosense, 3M, Bayer/Siemens, BinaxNow and Hypoguard.

One of the greatest challenges that institutions face relative to medical supplies is a regional distributor who exhibits a dedicated approach towards keeping the needs of customers as the core priority. Expect your every medical need to be catered for by our professional personnel who also provide a host of after sale services. To ensure you are sufficiently catered for, we have specialized in working with professionals like you from the medical community towards catering for the unique needs of individual clients. You are guaranteed to be supplied with an itemized catalogue which offers you a comprehensive look into the vast assortment of medical supplies ideal for the average customer. This is accentuated by our professional personnel who constitute five departments. These include purchasing, distribution, materials management, couriers and the central processing and distribution departments.

Our regional presence in Tennessee has curtailed the growth of gray market distributors who tend to create and extend shortages of vital medical products which are otherwise easily available in healthcare institution and pharmacies. These gray market distributors work towards depleting your working capital at the expense of needy patients. We work to ensure that ethical principles are adhered to such that we are able to ensure your demand for medical products is readily delivered to your healthcare facility or home upon demand.