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Superhuman Registration Act.


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Superhuman Registration Act.

Superhuman Registration Act is a law that was passed in the United States to bring in super-powered human in the government to take the role in the national security. The law was passed after the death of many citizens in the battle between the new warriors and the supervillain Nitro. The Nitro caused their body to explode killing the new warriors and children at a nearby alimentary school; which created great fear over superhumans and they had to be controlled. All the superhumans were required to submit their personal information to the SHIELD but would keep it secret to the public. The Spider-man exposed his real identity to the public and anyone who was against the SHIELD to be put in a super-human’s jail. The aim of the act was to train, organize and take control of super humans to enhance public safety.

Other than Captain America who believes that superhumans cannot be fully controlled or trusted by the government, there are many superheroes and on the other hand many evil superhumans; making it difficult for the people to differentiate them and thus they are not accepted in the society (Marvel, 40). Being against the act Captain America was detained and assassinated. When the spiderman revealed his identity to the public Aunt May was shot, this raised a big argument against the superhuman registration Act.

It was believed that superhumans would be very dangerous to themselves and the rest of the society. For instance, in the explosion at Stamford, it was believed that the Nitro was assaulted by a group of superheroes and this triggered him to cause an explosion. Also, the nitro power was due to a drug designed for Damage control. People support the superhuman registration act because the act helps to save the world in accidents and occurrences that normal human and police cannot control.

First, Superheroes do not make a lot of mistakes; they can be registered according to their abilities views and characters thus creating strong and almost perfect teams which are able to face various problems. For instance, in the Civil War 4, Tony and Hank had to clone Thor to capture the Secret Avengers (Marvel 94). Similarly, Professor X has tried to prevent accidents as he trained young mutants on how to use their power. This makes it clear that training superhuman will result in a more efficient disaster management.

Secondly, the legal system was corrupt (the human police forces were corrupt) thus criminals would escape justice (Costello 33). There was an advantage with the superheroes as the could work without any connection with the legal system, this would strengthen the security other than a policeman who has to follow orders being had to deal with criminals like the like of Dr. Doom. The registration act would enable the legal security system and the citizens to differentiate between the superheroes and the supervillain since they were required to register and give their identity to the SHIELD (Costello 94). With this, the superheroes would be accepted in the society as special security agents thus they would be in a position to exercise justice and enhance security for the people.

Moreover training the superhuman would enable the government to take control over the so-called “Living weapons of destruction”; thus reducing the dangers associated with the natural acquired powers and powers gained by magic towards the society (Geer and Davis William C 67). When the police are given a gun they receive proper training on how to handle it, making one believe that the superheroes should be trained on how to handle and control their powers thus making them less dangerous to themselves and the society.

On another platform, the issue of Aunt May being shot, when Spiderman revealed his identity to the public is not a challenge to passing the Superhuman Registration Act as the Government required the superheroes to submit their identity to the SHIELD but not to the public.

Looking at the tense situation in the United States after the accident at Stamford, one will understand that passing this act was a good idea to ease the tense over the superhuman powers. Tony Stark said that if the superpowered human would make a mistake the people and the Government would lose trust in them and would be against them (Geer and Davis William C 12). Which means registering the superheroes with SHIELD would win their trust from the government and the citizens hence reducing the tension state in the United States.

As another advantage and a great boost on the United States security the Superhuman Registration Act led to the creation of the “50 STATE INITIATIVE “, the organizations would send a group of registered superhuman to each state in America. They also created “CAMP HAMMOND” where untrained mutant would be trained. This will really help in securing the various states in America.

Generally, abilities and talents lead to better beings and efficiency in there use in the problem-solving process (Strömberg, 98). This will make people understand that, with the training offered to the superheroes through the superhuman registration act, the superheroes will continue to nature their abilities. Also, they will learn how to control and make more powerful moves that can at times save the world from a critical situation or disaster other than when an untrained individual superhuman appear to deal with the situation. When it comes to team building and teamwork, the superhuman registration act was a great move towards making the United States security forces better and stronger, thus ensuring the citizens of a more secure in the country (Bragard, Christophe, and Warren 42).

When various superheroes with different powers are brought to train together in a controlled situation the government would have a stronger team to defend the citizens from their enemies and in saving the victims of natural accidents. Also with the registration of the superhumans, the government would be able to control and reduce the ability of the individuals engaging in harmful actions. The registered superhumans would not be in a position to cause accidents in the United States as the government has their identity and they are being watched (Strömberg 102). Sometimes human police are exposed to danger as the face supernatural enemies in their role to secure the citizens. The superhuman registration act would reduce the dangers that normal police face and at the same time, the superheroes as part of the security forces they will help fight against the supernatural enemies with the help of their various powers. It is not easy for the police to face the enemy with just a mare gun whereas the enemies hold powers that are far stronger compared to the guns.

In conclusion, it is evident that the Superhuman Registration Act has a whole list of benefits to the government of United States, to the citizens, to the security forces and to the superheroes at large. Superheroes will be accepted in the society and be trusted by both the citizens and the government. This will lead to well build teamwork in disaster management. It is evident that registering of superheroes will help save the United States and the world at large from natural accidents and from supernatural enemies. Moreover, the act will help minimize the corruption in the security forces thus criminals will commit a crime and get off it. Superheroes will go to justice for the people.

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