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Compare and Contrast two Successful Contemporary Leaders


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Compare and Contrast two Successful Contemporary Leaders essay

Malala Yousafzai vs Steve Jobs

Born in Pakistan in 1997, Malala Yousafzai is very young to be considered a contemporary leader. However, her achievements exceed such ideas. This can be illustrated by the fact that she is the youngest Nobel Prize winner. Malala is popular for her fight to ensure that 61 million girls got access to education (Doak, 2015). This is a significant achievement considering that Pakistan is a developing country that is plagued with problems of girl child education. On the other hand, Steve Jobs is a popular figure in contemporary management and leadership. Jobs is universally known as unconventional leader. He was known for his blunt delivery of criticism as well as demanding optimal input from staffs. This paper focuses on the strategies used by the two contemporary leaders by exploring their similarities and differences.

After being shot by a Taliban gunman at the age of 15, Malala did not give up in life. On her way to recovery from the gunshot in the United Kingdom, she had dreams of becoming an inspirational leader (Doak, 2015). The Taliban terrorists put an extraordinary focus on attacking girls’s schools, asserting that educating of girls disregarded Islamic lessons. Malala began blogging on BBC upholding for women’ rights to instruction (Throp, 2016). Jobs figured out how to respect straightforwardness when he was working the night move at Atari as a school dropout (Goldsworthy, 2015). Employments gone for the effortlessness that originates from overcoming, instead of simply overlooking, many-sided quality.

 Just like Jobs, Malala is brave and does not get frightened of anything in her journey for correspondence in the instruction area. Malala’s initiative is in her acknowledgment that she has a voice and that she doesn’t need to acknowledge things as they have dependably been. Malala declined to acknowledge the way of life where instruction, especially girls’ training, has been stifled as a state of life. Malala has given us a look at what the world could look like when the voices of girls are listened. Yet, regardless of a shot to the head, she declined to be quiet. Malala’s initiative abilities and information can be considered as normal. She energetically puts stock in human rights and equivalent access to training. In addition, her proceeded with evaluate of the Taliban depicts her as a woman who conflicts with the chances. Positively, girls require grown-ups and organizations as supporters and partners, yet girls are not feeble.

Jobs’ visionary authority is exhibited by how he is frequently depicted in connection to Apple Inc. There is an enthusiasm from purchasers about Apple and Steve Jobs that is uncommon in the corporate world. Making a persisting organization, he stated, was both far harder and more essential than making an extraordinary product (Goldsworthy, 2015). Steve was propelled more than anything to feel he had made a strong and positive effect on the world amid his lifetime. Jobs and Apple took end-to-end duty regarding the client encounter something excessively few organizations do. He created tolerance, which trust it or not, is an authority aptitude. Jobs underscored the significance of cooperation to his workers. He likewise figured out how to be touchy to the physical furthest reaches of how much his kin could function and directed his requesting conduct.


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