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Street Gangs

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Assignment Instructions

Write a 6 page paper that is broken down into 3 sections (each section should have at least two pages addressing the issues):Section 1 – Topic Discussion and Background1. Concisely describe and define a problem scenario that could benefit from Human Intelligence (HUMINT) intervention.
2. Explain why you selected this particular problem.
3. Review historical background and pertinent intelligence issues that relate to the problem.
4. Briefly describe how Human Intelligence is likely to offer an effective solution to the problem.

Note(s):(1) Due to security and operationally sensitivity issues, it is not advised to select or examine one’s own organization for the essay paper, particularly for those students associated with intelligence organizations. It is left to the student’s discretion to consider these security implications when selecting a topic.
The following are a few examples of potential subjects that might be developed into a valid project topic:
� Street Gangs (focus on a specific gang culture or group).
� Detainees/Prisoners of War (focus on a specific conflict area).
� Sleeper Cells (focus on a specific terrorist organization or terrorist).
� Governmental Leaders (focus on a specific country/region/group).
� Corporate Secrets (focus on a specific business/individual).
� Organized Crime (focus on a specific organization/individual).
� Counter-narcotics (focus on a specific area and/or drug dealer).
� Enemy Sympathizers (focus on a specific conflict area or situation).
� Noncombatants/Civilians on the Battlefield (focus on a specific area or situation).(2) When developing the topic, and while writing the paper, one should consider themselves as being in a position of adequate stature so that the recommendations and observations made in this project paper will be considered. Caution should be given so as not to select a topic that might be too broad in scope (i.e. generic counter-drug operations) in order to provide the focused examination required of this essay paper. Include peer-reviewed references that contribute to the substance of the paper, and support the topic thesis. Section 2 – Organization and Mission1. Specifically identify the HUMINT organization that is chartered for and capable of conducting intelligence operations to correct the problem identified in Part 1 of this project.
2. Include a concise mission statement that defines the objectives and parameters that the organization will operate under.
3. Describe the participants you expect will be involved in the mission (both friendly and adversarial).

Note(s): (1) The organization selected to intervene in your selected problem can be real or fictional. In either case, you should provide specific details as to the organizational arm chartered to execute the mission. Remember: the objective is to alleviate the problem through HUMINT means, so carefully select or create an organization capable of doing so. Include peer-reviewed references that contribute to the substance of the paper, and support the topic thesis.Section 3 – Operations and Activities 1. Concisely describe a scenario in which your organization will execute a specific HUMINT operation from beginning to completion.
2. Explain the various HUMINT activities (i.e. interrogation, debriefing, dead drops, surveillance, etc.) that your organization might engage in while executing the operation.
3. Identify issues that will require coordination with external agencies.

Note(s):(1) Cover, Communications, and Security planning should be integral to this portion of the course project. The scenario that you develop, as well as the operation and activities engaged in should fall within the charter of the selected organization from Part 2. Include peer-reviewed references that contribute to the substance of the paper, and support the topic thesis.