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Statute laws

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Activity: Research Writing Activity: On a MS Word document, identify:

  • 2 Statute laws
  • 2 Common laws
  • 2 Natural laws
  • 2 International law
  • 2 Divine law

Step 1: Use “keyword” search methods to find your information on the internet.

Step 2: Name the law, describe it as one from the bulleted list, and identify the country where the law is enforced (they may be laws that come from just one country, ie. all American laws is just fine)

Step 3: Label and submit your document to your instructor. 

  • Statute laws–These are laws passed by legislatures, either federal or state.
  • Common laws–Law developed as a result of custom and judicial decisions other than those made by legislative assemblies.
  • Natural laws–A law or body of laws that derives from nature, and is believed to be binding upon human actions apart from or in conjunction with laws established by human authority.
  • International law–A set of rules generally regarded and accepted as binding in relations between states and nations. Also called law of nations.
  • Divine law–Any law (or rule) that comes directly from the will of God (or a god), such as from the Bible in the Christianity or in Islam the Qur’an from Allah himself.