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State of Texas,

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Student will submit an orginal paper on a research topic given by the professor.  The paper should be 5 to 10 pages in length.  Usiing 12 point font in a common style such as New Times Roman or Calibri.  The paper should include a works cited page and at least five sources.  Students may use books, journal articles, monographs and reputable websites.  The paper is expected to be the sole work of the student.  Students plagiarizing materials will receive at a minimum a zero for the nment.  The paper will only be accepted in doc., docx or pdf format.  

The topic of the paper is how should the State of Texas, its citizens and its businesses solve the problem of paying for education in Texas.  One should examine the current funding for K-12 and higher education.  What is the current approach of the leadership of Texas in the legislature and in the executive branch?  Discuss the role of the Texas courts in this issue.  Consult the websites of all branch of Texas government.  Survey the proposals and comments of various media outlets and non-government organizations(NGOs).  (If you add your own opinion, you