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Sports Marketing plan Essay


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Using all of the information and assignments completed from Week 1- complete a marketing event proposal.  It should include the marketing opportunities, strategies, and marketing services.
Examples of areas that should be addressed include:
SWOT analysis, logistics, vendors, facilities, transportation, weather accommodations, staffing, ticketing, hotels, promotion, risk management, etc.
This is your final project and will use the sections you have been completing throughout the course, however this should be comprehensive and presented as an APA document. 
250 points
The final project is comprehensive and should include every area covered in class and in the book.

It should be a full document of the,
•    Planning, promotion, and execution of the event you selected,

This includes:
•    Risk Management
•    Budget
•    SWOT
•    Location
•    Cost
•    Tickets
•    Volunteers

Everything you could possibly need to plan the event.
Create a full marketing plan that you will need to market the event. 
It should be presented in APA format (double spaced, 12 pt. font, cover page, introduction)
You can include pictures, PowerPoints, etc if you choose to do so

Soccer Tournament Marketing Plan


Born in a country where most of the population only has an interest in Soccer. I’ve stroked a ball before I could even walk, I remember when I turned 8 years old, I had a soccer birthday party (most of the gifts were soccer balls – it was exactly 21 balls, I’d never forgotten it). I have played pretty much every level back in Brazil. Today, as a Coach, I love the game with passion, and I take it as my hobby and as my career.


For most people, the main goal of playing the sport is not just to have pleasure, but it is part of my physical exercise. Soccer is an excellent cardiovascular workout that has various physical and mental health advantages. Going out on the field builds muscle and strengthens the core, legs, and even upper body muscles, especially for Goalkeepers.

Event Marketing Plan Summary In order to raise enough money, Soccer competitions frequently rely on sponsors in addition to players. It is critical to market the tournament in order to raise knowledge of the event and encourage more people to participate. If the competition attracts a large audience, sponsors will want to participate in the following activities.

  1. Develop A Website

A website is required to display all the event’s critical notices and information. It will inform people of the date and location of the event and the nature whether is a profit or charity event), how to register, who the sponsors are, and what the daily Programmation will include. Contact information, field locations, donation or registration goals, and much more can all be included. I’ll make sure to use high-resolution photos and graphics that are well-designed.

  1. Local Media Press Release A press release promoting the Soccer event is an excellent method to get the word out in my neighborhood. Positive community events are frequently included in local news, as are efforts to promote awareness for charities. Consider holding an auction or a contest as an incentive, which may make it more attractive for some newspapers to cover.
  2. Social Media Marketing One of the most successful techniques for spreading the news about an event in your neighborhood is social media. The host, the charity, and even the soccer field complex can collaborate to promote the tournament on social media. Promote your event organically it’s a good way to spread information, for example using the well-known Facebook Events. It’s possible to announce registration deadlines, the amount of money raised, the number of individuals who have signed up, highlight a sponsor, and any other reminders or changes that occur before the event.


Soccer is mostly mental, despite how physically demanding it can be. A 90+ minute match is essentially one prolonged mental exercise that requires you to think continually and stay focused on the task at hand. A soccer game can also aid in the reduction of stress, anxiety, and sadness which are major problems in our society. Finding the right capital, marketing, selling, and delivering has to get along with the event strategy.

SWOT Analysis


Event managing experience

Complex venues follow de guidelines

Well recognized Security Service


Limited out of pocket initial investment

Guidelines could change any time due to virus


Progress to a recurring event

Revenue with local business propaganda