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Sports Management and Marketing Essay


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  • Sports Management and Marketing
    Please put the question number next to the answers.
    1.    200 Words      Identify and briefly describe the three types of sport tourism. Provide a descriptive example of each of the three types of sport tourism.
    2.    200 Words    Discuss the social impacts associated with sport tourism. Explain why low-income residents typically suffer the most as a result of their city hosting a mega event.
    3.    300 Words    Define and describe the four elements of the marketing mix. Explain why these are so valuable for the sport marketer.
    4.    300 Words    Define the strategic sport communication model. Explain the importance of the dynamics of communication in sport.


Sport Tourism

Sports tourism is a new concept, but one that expands the industry in the tourism sector at a higher rate. Sports tourism is defined as temporary movement from one’s home area during their free time and join other foreigners in playing and watching games. Many of the countries have received an appropriate status from sports tourism, hence leading to nation’s economic growth. It is believed that sports tourism is likely to develop the rural and urban communities from social and economic perspective (Philip, 2002). Currently, sport and tourism are involved with various economic activities in both developing and developed nations. This paper will discuss the different activities involving sports tourism.

Question 1

The Sightseeing Sports Tour

The sightseeing sport involves different distinctive sports cultures where tourists travel from various places to enjoy physical exercises, stadiums, sports buildings, and sports artistic scenery sports either in audio or visual way. This type of sports tour is different from others as its primary purpose is to gain the aesthetic experience associable with the sports. Besides, this kind of sports tour is characterized by diverse subject of the sightseeing the game, and it is unlimited to some sports phenomenon. Instead, the event not only have the sports stadiums, sports sculptures, but also high-tech sports equipments and other modern works sports art.

The Holiday Sports Tour

The main goal of this type of sports tour is to relief, decompression, adjustment, distraction and recreation. Here, the tourist spends his or her holiday on different activities involved in sports.  This game is associated with particular tourist destination or traditions sports for certain group. It is unique from other sports tours in that; it is conducted in one holiday or vacation at a certain period. The holiday may be short or long, but the time of matches is fixed.

The Healthy and Recreational Sports Tour

This type of sports is mainly practiced for amusement and entertainment, kinetic recuperation, body building, and rehabilitation. Participants are involved in different kinds of healthy exercise and attain relaxation, good moods, and relief. Therefore, its main purpose is to keep fitness, healthy and recreation.

Question 2

Tourists contribute a lot of income as well as employment for many populations of the home country. This is the reason the world metropolitans believe Olympic Games have played a key role to the local markets and economic growth. This is not different from sports tourism may promote the hosting community with long-term benefits like infrastructures, tourism growth, international credibility, improvement on public welfare, job creation, local employment, and positive consequences to economy (Philip, 2002). Therefore, sport tourism can be considered as appropriate tool to deal with unemployment and poverty, and more so increase economic growth and social welfare of the communities.  However, in many cases, these events tend not to favor the disadvantaged families as they results to high cost of living for the period. For instance, the transport cost, rental cost, health facilities, and more so, the cost of food hikes rapidly. Such a scenario might make the lives of the poor even worse if this event is held for long in the hosting country (Philip, 2002). The poor individuals lack important facilities which are provided by health care. Therefore, there are both benefits and disadvantages of these events.

Question 3

Products and services

The integrity of demanding in sports tourist refer the sports tourist as complete from the products and services offered by this game. The participants desire basic physiological needs, high needs of enjoyment level, safety needs, self-fulfillment, and development. The Sports tourism is expected to deliver complex products to the tourist for them to get high satisfaction. It is expected for the sports tourism providers to effectively combine their different products and services, as well as arrange the time and venue to ensure that they meet the overall requirement of sports tour.


The demanding in sporting is quite delicate due to changes on social and political issues. If a sporting destination fails to have a peaceful society or that suffers from a natural disaster, the demand of sports tourism may decrease; no matter how low the prices have been set for participant. Other factors that may affect sports tourism include the natural calamities, an outbreak of diseases, and other uncontrollable issues that may happen in destinations. More so, there are other factors that can affect the venue of the events like energy crisis, economic depression, man-made, and natural disasters (Liu, 2004).


Sports tourism is designed to benefit the residences for travelling destinations in order to meet their own needs on sports tours. It is important for the providers to do a thorough investigation and develop appropriate strategies that results to high demand in sports tourism market. This can be achieved by implementing effective marketing policies in order to attract large number of sports tourists (Liu, 2004).


To ensure there is large number of participants have attended the event, it is important to understand people’s income. If the people’s income increases, the demand for sports tourism can increase in large proportion. For instance, the price for travelling is a key determinant on the number of participants.

Question 4

Communication is an important concept in sport management and every sector from the governance to sales requires some of effectiveness in communicating ideas as well as goals. Strategic sport communication model is a theoretical construction which provides both practitioner and scholar a guide to sport communication process. The SSCM accounts for organizational and personal sport communication, sport communication service and support, sport mass media, illustrates how the sport communication is unique, and how it is influenced by diverse area such as applied communication, marketing among other factors (Paul, Kimberly & Pamela, 2007).

Coaches and top management must be in ability to communicate appropriately in order to foster a successful environment. The lack of communication has resulted to burnout of the athletes. Poor communication can as well lead such athletes stressed up and unable to cope with the rest in the team. Communication is also important in sports as it helps to reduce confusion. When all parties involved communication about certain issue, they eliminate mistakes. Communication ensures that everybody within the organization understands his or her responsibility. Sports marketing require a good form of communication process in order to market to ensure that large population receives important information concerning the venue of the matches, in case of new management, or cost of tickets. Sports communication helps groups or stakeholders to work towards the same goal or objectives. In addition, communication skills are very important ingredients that improve the performance of the teams and growth of participants. The purpose of communication is persuasion, evaluation, motivation, information, and problem-solving (Paul, Kimberly & Pamela, 2007). Therefore, it is important for all involved parties to ensure that the organization receives a well structured and effective communication process. This can help in teamwork which finally develops appropriate strategies that can be used to achieve the desired goals and objectives of the organization. This can as well result to better performance of the team.


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