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Southwest Airlines Questions


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Southwest Airlines

Question one: How does Southwest develop its leaders?

 From the reading, it is evident that Southwest is the most leading airline across the entire united states. The company consists of development and training programs that assist their workers to focus on improving and developing their skills of leadership. These programs also build teamwork within the organization. Some of the critical training programs, in this case, are leadership for the frontline, performance appraisals, and orientation periods for hire, and they all assist in helping the team become better. The firm’s MIT program mainly pays a lot of focus on workers who have high potential when it comes to leadership within the company (Dungy and Nathan, 43). It is also designed for the workers working at the rank of supervision and management level. In this case, it is also intended for directors and managers of the form who have the desire to attain a higher position of leadership.

Southwest Airlines’ program of leadership is developed to make sure that it offers a successful delivery of the applications of leadership. This is done through coming up with a leadership program that is rotational within a period of 18 months (Lauer, 337).  Within this duration, the program can give enough coaching and deliver excellent feedback to the leaders and participants of the program. Hence by doing so, it assists in making sure that effective communication and healthy relationships are built with the senior leaders and other business partners across the country. Through this program, proper development in opportunities of leadership is created, and an excellent example of some includes the annual summit conference. By doing so, the company can produce over 800 leaders every year.

Additionally, the program of the orientation of the company starts by making sure that it nurtures entrepreneurship. This is done through workforce grooming for the available leaders. To achieve this, the Southwest Airline University is mandated with the duty of making sure that supervisors and manager of future attend learning with integrity course. It is through this course that the company has been able to earn high distinction for being named one of the best in the entire United States. This happens because most of the programs practiced in this case occur following full compliance of the government training (Dungy and Nathan, 43). Also, the company, to develop its leaders, has proceeded and designed a process of improving the curriculum that aims at assisting the programs for leadership development. Here workers are tasked with applying and giving interviews concerning their skills. They do so through participating is summits that deal with leadership, and in it, they end up getting a chance to air out their views of building the critical skills of leadership. This is done through thinking strategically and in the session breakout on females who are on leadership.

2. What is the role of culture and fit in the success of the company?

Culture is indeed the feature that most distinguishes that company. This is because, over time, it has remained the principal source of the firm’s sustainable competitive advantage. Its culture has been seen to evolve to a more diverse and inclusive one update. Southwest Airlines gives its workers enough freedom for them to be able to travel, have good health, and grown and learn (Humphrey, 71). Workers, in this case, respond with commitment, passion, and rich diversity of different perspectives that aims at translating them into offering better services to the clients. Employees choose a given firm where they will be able to perceive their values for them to fit well. Through doing so, they can become more comfortable. Here they end up telling jokes and becoming more open to experiences that are more vital to the cultural dimension of the company. Hence at the end resulting in becoming more welcoming and inclusive in treating others’ inputs with respect and as their equal within the workplace. The leaders of Southwest Airlines have, over time, played a significant duty towards the development of the company’s culture. Through this, they have made the maintained and learning development their central role. The values and attitudes of all the personalities present within the firm contribute positively to improving its leadership.

Southwest also has gone to the extent of making sure that it pays close attention to the importance of employing new workers who can fit in their culture (Lauer, 336). This is done with maximum care as the behavior of personalities affects the organization. Southwest process of selection is mostly based on attitude, but while searching, in most cases they consider, the spirit of the team, energy, self-confidence, and humor. This happens as this remains the main feature that the airline company uses in indicating how the chosen candidates suites the work he or she has been hired for. And this process has assisted the company in maintaining its influential culture, thus maintaining its growth and excellent skills in management. Finally, it also applies cooperative relationships while developing its leadership.

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