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( Solved) MARK09011-Consumer Behaviour Essay


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ASSESSMENT Session 2021/22


Module title Consumer Behaviour


Module Code MARK09011



Weighting of assessment


Group Report (50% of the total marks)




The learning outcomes are assessed as follows:


L2    Reflect upon the impact of macro, social and cultural perspectives on consumer behaviour


L3    Develop a broader understanding of consumer behaviour that encompasses consumer

culture theory and other relevant perspectives



Group Report and Presentation



Heraclitus, a Greek philosopher, is quoted as saying “change is the only constant in life.”



Almost 190,000 UK jobs have been lost in the embattled retail sector since shops were first forced to close a year ago.  The Centre for Retail Research revealed that 188,685 retail jobs have gone between the start of the first lockdown on 23 March 2020 and 31 March this year.

Retail bosses have raised concerns that the high street will still be very challenging for retailers despite the easing of restrictions, as business rates payments return for manyGuardian 2021


Online is not only capturing a greater share of consumer spending, but it is also highly influential in what consumers are choosing to buy – no matter where they are making the final purchase.   Whilst the online-only retailers are outperforming at present, this is because they have a better understanding of their customers and are responding faster to changes in how people are shopping”.    Samantha Dover, Senior Retail Analyst, Mintel, October, 2020




The above quotes highlight the dramatic changes in the UK retail industry over the last few years.   Discuss how a greater understanding of the macro-view of consumer behaviour can enable UK high street retailers to survive in the coming years.



Areas which you may choose to focus on include;



Cultural and Social Change


Digital Influencers


Experiential Marketing


Reference Groups


Changing patterns of buying behaviour


Marketing Communications


The Impact of Technology in Retailing






You must discuss four of these factors in your report in a balanced and equal way. Each topic must make use of at least one academic paper.


You may also make use of additional information from Mintel reports and other retail sources such as Retail Week, Retail Gazette, Retail Bulletin, British Retail Consortium, and Retail Technology.



You must demonstrate an understanding of the theory behind each factor and provide examples or suggestions as to how this will be of use to UK retailers


You may choose to focus on a particular area of retailing – fashion, cosmetics, sporting goods etc – or to focus on general areas of retailing.




Word count 3,000



Breakdown of marks



Report                                             80 marks (4 x 20)


Group Presentation                         20 marks





Group activity will be monitored on a weekly basis to ensure all students are contributing.  A student who fails to engage with his or her allocated group may be asked to leave the group and to submit on their own.






Each group is required to make a 12-15 minute presentation outlining the main elements of their report



Key points to remember for the presentation;



Focus on communicating with your audience rather than talking at them


Don’t try to cover every single word from your report, focus on the key points to ensure you get your message across


Engage with the audience


Don’t have too many words on screen


Bring each point in one-by-one (if possible)


Use images and diagrams


Ensure there are no spelling or grammatical errors


Rehearse beforehand


Keep to the time limit


Be dynamic




Submission date:  To be confirmed