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Socialization Essay


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            Religion has had a significant impact on my life because it has offered me with the opportunity to view the world in a sympathetic and comprehensive way. Religion has helped me interpret daily and special experiences, conform to the social norms and other domains of life that are embedded in my life as an individual. According to Rollo (2018), religion has a positive effect on one’s well-being especially when it comes to dealing with stressful or hard life circumstance. For instance, I have faced difficult challenges in my life as a child especially with regards to my self-esteem and religious faith helped me improve my ability to cope with such circumstances, furthermore, my faith increased significantly as a result of coping with my life issues. It is implied that religion has an impact on one’s personality characteristics such as self-esteem and optimism (Lessenich, 2020). For example, during adolescence, I had a difficult time accepting myself and I was afraid of relating with my peers because I always thought that I was not worthy of relating with them since they seemed so confident. However, religion helped me have faith and gave me a sense of fulfilment in my life which raised my self-esteem significantly. Therefore, religion through faith can help an individual cope with many aspects of life which relate to the characteristics of their personality.

            If a child is raised in isolation like in the case of Genie, the life skills that they need to become productive society members can fail to be well developed which can be as a result of the socialization deprivation at an early age. Therefore, it may take a very long time in most instances for such a child to have the cognitive ability adopt to the normal environment. Based on Genie’s case, she was isolated and lacked socialization from a young age and this went on until she became an adolescent which is the most vital stage of interaction, even though she still managed to start interacting after therapy, she still had difficulties maintaining social relationships. Thus, I believe that it can be difficult for such an individual to become an active member of society.

            Danielle Crocket was a girl that was first discovered by the Plant City Police that were responding to a child abuse report in 2005. This was after someone saw her face through her room’s broken window. She was found when she was seven years old inside a small dark room that was the size of a closet wearing a dirty diaper and lice, flies and maggots were all over her body. This case is the same as Genie’s because she was also locked in her room by the parent and she never saw the sun throughout her seven years of life. This child can recover from neglect but it is still going to be a slow and long process to achieve this. Even though she eventually started socializing with people, she was deemed environmentally autistic and this makes her incapable of properly interacting with people but still able to relate to her adoptive parents and do certain tasks by herself.

Response to Melyse

I am in agreement with Melyse’s opinion that it is possible for children like Genie to develop social relationships with people and get emotional stability. However, it is also true that it cannot be maintained for a long time because they often go back into isolation in their minds and this demands constant revitalization and therapy.

Response to Macey

Macey suggests that children can become productive members of the society and under circumstances that Genie was, it would be tough. I would like to agree because based on the results exhibited by many children that have undergone isolation; it is possible to become normal. Nevertheless, it requires intensive therapy and availability of a nurturing and stimulating environment, victims of neglect can still develop into self-dependent individuals.


Rollo, T. (2018). Feral children: Settler colonialism, progress, and the figure of the child. Settler Colonial Studies8(1), 60-79.

Lessenich, R. (2020). ‘A wretch so sad, so lorn’: The Feral Child and the Romantic Culture of Infancy. In Romanticism and the Cultures of Infancy (pp. 229-245). Palgrave Macmillan, Cham.  

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