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Social Program for Foster Children


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Topic:  Social Program for Foster Children 

ASSIGNMENT DESCRIPTION:   Topic:  Social Program for Foster Children

The fundamental principle of American democracy is that the government not only represents its people but it also listens to them and addresses the concerns of its people. In this Final Research paper, you are to identify a concern/issue of your interest and evaluate whether our political system (including the government) is listening/has listened and is addressing the issue.


It is important that you do a thorough research on the issue and provide specific detailed information.

  • Topic background
  • How did the topic come to the attention of the public/government?
  • Who are the major contributors to the topic? How are they involved? Why? Who are on the opposition side? Why?
  • Are there any data to include?
  • What actions have been taken by the interest groups, government, media?
  • What solutions have be proposed or made?

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