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Social Media Marketing: Pocono Mountains.


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Social Media Marketing: Pocono Mountains.

My social media marketing campaign focuses on the Pocono Mountains and attracting people to experience various fun activities. The company in its branding promise aims at offering visitors a convenient, and accessible, mountain, river and Lake location in travelling experience which enables people to get the best of their time at Pocono Mountains. It aims at creating cherishable lifetime memories to the visitors. The branding culture of Pocono Mountains visitors’ bureau sets the line for culture existence which is targeted to continue evolving around their brand. (“Pocono Mountains Official Website”)

The Pocono Mountains Visitors Bureau is a privately owned and membership organization that was established in the year 1934. It has become the official tourism industry for counties such as Monroe in Pennsylvania. The organization aims to develop a visitor-centered approach to facilitate the success of tourism industry base both present and in the future at Pocono Mountains. (“Pocono Mountains Official Website”) Visitors are always the primary focus when marketing to increase the number of customers visiting the area for various services offered. This can be attained through developing a comprehensive social media marketing campaign that reaches out to all classes of people.

The organization coordinates marketing programs through advertising and blog posting.

Marketing efforts by the organization include interactive group meetings, quality hospitality services, enhanced community relationship, public relations, brand development, trade shows, and market research development.

The mission of this organization is driven by the need to promote economic and environmental sustainability of the Pennsylvania region and the citizens living in the area through developing the tourism industry and the detailed marketing of this destination.

The area around the mountain ensures quality brand values for its customers such as preserving the environment. The place is always maintained in a clean condition. Additionally, services provided are set up to be consumer-centric, and it offers quality hospitality. Pocono Mountains have three brand pillars namely, Ease, Authenticity, and Refreshment. (“Pocono Mountains Official Website”)

My marketing campaign is justified by the fact that people are always looking for getaway places to have some fun time especially around this Christmas season and the new year. The Pocono Mountains offers activities which would attract a lot of visitors from across the world. Some of the events include, snow tubing, horseback riding, brewing, skiing, snowboarding and experience at the shooting range. (Camaerei, 2017)

My social media marketing posts aim at providing a persuasive outline of wonderful experiences at the Pocono Mountains which would influence visitors and tourist to consider getting to know more about the place. My campaign posts will provide detailed information that would impact more people to feel the need to visit Pocono Mountains.  For example, “A snowy, icy, cold, or rainy world can be wonderful and often has sound and smells of its own. Winter in the Pocono Mountains offers you this snowy, icy and cold but very beautiful world that will never leave you bored. Visit the Pocono Mountains this winter and enjoy the daily snowy conditions at our six ski areas that will be available during entire winter season.”

Marketing posts by Pocono mountain organization are both for leisure seekers and snow lovers. Discussed here are some of their fun activities. Holiday events can be celebrated throughout this December period. Visitors can explore decorated towns and meet Santa Claus. At Pocono, there is always an event for all people to enjoy. Jim Thorpe’s Olde Time Christmas, a traditional ceremony in the region is celebrated every year in the area. (Camaerei, 2017) People can enjoy live entertainment performances, shopping from local malls, and free family events. Different types of foods and drinks are served to the visitors as they enjoy viewing ice-carving demonstrations.

An example of Pocono marketing campaign post

Poconotourism, Delaware Water Gap, Pennsylvania Picture source:

“We could stare at this Delaware Water Gap view all day! #PATravelHappy #PoconoMtns #Poconos#DelawareWaterGap #HikeDay#ViewPoint #Hike #HikeLife#HikingTrip (“Poconotourisim”)

By using captivating images, a social media campaign gains more interest from the potential target audience as it creates curiosity to find more information about a place. This will lead to my social media campaign to become more effective and attract more visitors.

For people who have never tried Pocono craft beer, it would be the ultimate experience to visit Pocono Mountains and exercise brewing. Microbreweries are available in this region with distinctive flavours. Companies such as Jam Room Brewing use locally available food products to produce quality wines brewed from crops such as grapes. Escape Room offers tourists with a unique experience where a person tries to find clues from the room and get out within a short period. The Shooting Range is an opportunity to try the exciting art of firing firearms. One gets to learn guns education, the safety of weapons and training on using them. Additionally, there is an archery range and virtual simulations. (Camaerei, 2017)

Restaurants such as mountain Creek Grill and Bailey’s Rib offer delicious local dishes. Plenty of accommodation is available with beautiful scenic views. Warm winter spa assists visitors to experience quality relaxation in the Pocono Mountains. Therapies from professionals are available as well as salon services and body massages. The location is calm with shimmering waterfalls and aromatic scents. A wide outlet of shopping stores offers shoppers the opportunity to acquire quality products while on their vacation. (Camaerei, 2017)

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The loft, Pocono Mountains’ is the largest shop selling skiing and snowboarding types of equipment.

Best Ski and Snowboard Shop in the Poconos. (2017). Retrieved December 10, 2017, from

For gambling lovers, Live casinos such as the blackjack in nightclubs help to entertain, pass the time and you never know your luck!. For Snow Lovers, snow tubing has a fun experience at the Pocono Mountains. The area has outside sloppy areas for ice skating. (Camaerei, 2017)

(Camaerei, 2017) Ice skating Retrieved from

The success of my social media campaign is supported by having created multiple posts to be used for the campaign. Through these posts, it would be easier to test the user feedback and to come up with the most effective social media post for my target audience. Creating a landing page will facilitate visitors to view most of the services offered by the Pocono Mountains.

By mentioning the price for activities such as skiing, interested people would be comfortable to click on the social media post. The primary goal of suggesting this cost would be to filter out customers and ensure that the people who follow the post to the landing page would purchase the specified services. (Lee, 2017) Promoting a discount on services and goods at the Pocono Mountains by using the social media campaign post would lead to more visitors coming to the location especially during the festive season. Booking made in advance or through the social media post would have a discounted price rather than from instant bookings at the Pocono Mountains.

In conducting my campaign through Facebook, it would be essential to ensure part of the campaign content promotes Pocono Mountains; this would ensure that the readers are converted to visitors and generate profit. (Cass, 2014) Another part of the social campaign would be to share stories and give ideas about this location and the general tourism industry. Lastly, it would be suitable to ensure the social content outlines personal interactions with visitors and emphasize on building the brands at Pocono Mountains. (Cass, 2014)

An enormous effort will be put to promote the social campaign on Facebook and Twitter. Building anticipation for interested people would be required through contacting them and getting them to be actively involved in the campaign. (Lee, 2017) By sending emails to my audience, potential visitors would subscribe to the campaign and get to know more information such as pre-registration details.

My campaign will be unique to boost Pocono Mountains tourism activities. It will ensure the area has ample marketing to make the top tourist destination in the world. Engaging with my target audience will be a crucial factor to ensure the success of my campaign. It would make them interested in the messages; this would be through sending marketing messages and motivating them to share these messages. (Cass, 2014) Engaging the audience would lead the campaign to reach a more substantial number of people mostly because this will be done online. (Cass, 2014)  Engaging the audience will occur on both online and offline platforms.

In conclusion, my marketing campaign would foster tourism in this region and generate more revenue from the increased number of visitors who would come to have a wonderful experience at Pocono Mountains.


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