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Paper instructions: Finally, in a separate Microsoft Word Document, explain the skills you regard as your strengths and those you regard as needing improvement in 2-3 paragraphs.  Be thorough in your paragraphs by including examples.  Proofread your completed assignment before you submit it.  Submit your paper by the assignment deadline

Skills Assessment Instrument

A person needs to perceive his/her weaknesses and strengths, especially in school and employment environment. It helps an individual understand the skills that need improvement and those that will assist him/her attain his/her goals. Personally, I have different strengths and weaknesses. First, I have great skills in Mathematics; I can easily use mathematics to solve problems. Mathematics skills are important to my career success. Also, I have great negotiation skills, in this case; I can easily bring people together and try to reconcile differences. The skills are significant to my career, for instance, I will need to ensure that people work as a team.

Furthermore, I have great skills in equipment maintenance. I can complete regular maintenance on equipment and determine when and what type of maintenance is required. I can also determine the type of tools needed to perform different tasks. Although the skill is not important to my career, it will give me a competitive advantage in the job market. I also have great presentation and spreadsheet skills. In this case, I am able to use a computer application to create, manipulate and edit visual slide presentation. Additionally, I can use a computer application to enter, manipulate and format text as well as manipulate data. Another great skill that I have is complex problem-solving skills. For instance, I can identify complex issues and assess related information to come up with a solution.

Also, I have excellent management skills, for instance, time management and management of personnel skills. Nevertheless, I need to enhance various skills, for instance; I need to improve the way I communicate through writing to ensure that I meet the needs of the audience. Moreover, I need enhancing my persuasion skills. For example, I need to learn how to persuade individuals to change their minds or behavior. I also need enhancing my programming and quality analysis skills. Other skills that I need to improve include judgment and decision-making skills.