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Signature Assignment – Case Conceptualization


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Signature Assignment – Case Conceptualization

Case 1: Darrin

Diagnosis and rationale

In this case, Darrin behaviors must have been stimulated by the long term exposure to childhood abuse and neglect, which in the long run made him to suffer from post-traumatic stress disorder. In most cases, a child requires parental love in order for him or her to feel attached and loved. For the case of Darrin, this didn`t happen, and this is the major reason why he had been presenting the changed behavior socially and at school. There are a number of factors that supports the fact that Darrin`s changed behavior is as a result of childhood abuse and neglect. For example, Darrin`s mother was 16 when she became pregnant, and after giving birth, she left him with his biological father and grandmother. Apparently, his father never cared about him. His mother was a struggling with substance abuse, and this hindered her from staying frequent contact with her child. It is worth noting that when one is addicted to drugs, he or she loses the concern of taking responsibilities seriously, and that’s why Darrin`s mother never got concerned about how he was growing up, especially when it comes to the provision of basic needs and mother-child affection.

Additionally, Darrin`s physical aggressiveness could have also been as a result of childhood abuse as well as being exposed to situations which relates to violence. For example, when she was left under the care of his biological father, he constantly witnessed violence between his father and his grandmother. Additionally, Darrin`s father was, at times, being physically aggressive with him especially when the latter fails to complete the assigned chores. Moreover, Darrin`s aggressive behaviors were also worsened by the immediate environment that he was exposure to when he was young. For example, in this case, it is reported that Darrin was brought up in a poverty stricken and high-crime community, and his biological father became a gangster in order to generate some income for the family. Additionally, Darrin witnessed his biological father being shot in the head over a drug deal when he was at five years of age.

Additionally, Darrin is exhibiting withdrawal signs, especially when it comes to individuals who happens to ask him concerning his previous trauma. For example, he is aggressive and irritable to fellow students who happens to ask him concerning his parents. He was also forced to go to an extent of making up stories about his parents` whereabouts when talking with other children. In addition, he stated that he feels the need to take care and look out after himself.

Alternative diagnosis

Secondary traumatic stress could have been the differential diagnosis in this case, especially due to the numerous disturbing incidences that Darrin has witnessed from childhood. Secondary traumatic stress arises when an individual who is working in a stressful environment are repeatedly exposed to the stressful environments. For example, a child abuse investigator may fail to never trust anyone with his or her child with the perception that his or her child may be rendered into the same form of stress like what he had previously investigated. Additionally, secondary traumatic stress can also affect individuals who are deeply impacted by stories that they are exposed to. However, when it comes to this case, Darrin was directly involved in the traumatic situations rather than being indirectly affected by them. This is the core reason why I have ruled out this diagnosis as the precise diagnosis in this case. Additionally, I had also thought of the Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) especially due to the inability of Darrin to control his impulses but also being hyperactive. Apparently, after evaluating Darrin`s case, I have contemplated that his condition goes beyond the ADHD, especially due to the fact that he had initially been exposed to or witnessed a number of traumatizing experiences. Among these experiences are the domestic violence between his biological father and grandmother as well as his father being shot in the head.

Intervention: Trauma-Informed Conceptualization of the presented case