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Shield Financial Case Study


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Shield Financial Case Study

1. How would you advise Doug to conduct the meeting with the two regional sales managers?

The managers were shocked by the news they received in the past meeting. Doug’s behaviour is people oriented which means his approach is considerate to the feelings of his employees and also treats them well (Mason, Tayla & Berrin, 2012). In the meeting Doug should be sensitive to the feelings the managers. He should be open to them. Doug should allow the managers to give their perspective. Also, Doug should ensure that he makes cooperation with the managers in the future. The managers should be congratulated for their contributions to the company and assured of their importance for the future success of the company.

2. How would you attempt to control the potential economic damage that may occur when switching from brokers to your own sales force?

Switching involves many changes. The customers, the brokers and the company itself will feel its impact. The change should be done in a way that will reduce the damages to the company, ensure the brokers don’t feel intimidated and customers are served without gaps.

  • Communicate to the customers and the brokers of the changes to be made and explain the benefits they will get.
  • Recruit willing brokers to be a part of the company.
  • Train the salespeople in the appropriate manner of handling the customers.
  • Do aggressive advertisement in the society.
  • Offer customer friendly initiatives that will increase customer loyalty.
  • Make the two regional sales managers to be part of the team.

3. What would you suggest doing if one of the brokers asked you whether it was true that shield was going to release all its brokers and switch to a dedicated sales force?

Communicating to the broker in a friendly manner. Communication is an important asset (Mason, Tayla & Berrin, 2012). Good communication means a lot to the company. First it is good to explain to the broker that due to the nature of the population the company is trying to change to improve its services. The broker should be assured that they have contributed much to the success of the company. Speak of the considerateness of the company by assuring the broker that the company has a plan in place to guard them from suffering undue economic recriminations. Also inform him of the company’s readiness to work with him in the future.

4. What issues would you have to address in starting your own sales force?

            The customers are used to dealing with brokers. These brokers knew how to increase the volume sales. They understand and know how to sell Shield’s products. The issues to be addressed are:

  • Maintain the profit margins of the company. Coming up with a good description of what the sales force are expected to do (Sales Force, n.d.). The brokers in the states have been selling large volumes and had understanding of Shield’s products. Therefore, the sales force recruited will be trained to communicate clearly and effectively.
  • How to continue serving customers without the link of the brokers. The service offered should not be interrupted hence the brokers can be phased out slowly. This will ensure by the time the sales force takes over, no damage to customers is made.


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