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Self-Assessment Review Essay


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Self-Assessment Review


ECI is a means designed to aid in the assessment of individual emotional and social competences among members in an organization. It is a developmental tool measuring 18 individual competencies classified into four major clusters. This paper seeks to determine and discuss average/high achieving findings with regard to personal and social competencies as well as discussing how this information can be applied in my personal and professional life.

Emotional Intelligence Appraisal

My overall Emotional Intelligence Appraisal score is 87. The personal competency scores reflect self awareness and self management attributes. I have a score of 87 with self awareness and self management scores standing at 82 and 78 respectively. My overall social competence score which reflects social awareness and relationship management attributes is 93. ECI scores for social awareness and relationship management are 95 and 91 respectively.

Emotional Intelligence Appraisal score analysis

Emotional Intelligence Appraisal scores are founded on comparisons with the global population to enable an individual know which his or her skill areas are either the weakest or strongest. A score above 90 indicates that an individual should seek to capitalize on strength areas. These are scores which are way above average compared to the global population scores. They indicate that such competencies occur naturally in an individual or as a result of an individual’s dedication in developing them. It is prudent for an individual with such a score to grasp on to every opportunity that arises to employ such emotionally intelligent attributes for maximum success realization (Noe, 2012).

For a score ranging between 80and 89, an individual’s emotional intelligence attributes are above average though this signifies that there are instances in which I as an individual fails to demonstrate a high aptitude towards demonstrating behaviors that can be considered as highly emotional intelligent. As such, this score call for more personal practice on such skills for a better emotional intelligence score.

For a score ranging between 70 and 79 implies that with more polishing on emotional intelligence skills, one can obtain score that can reveal EQ behaviors as strong. This score reveals that the degree with which one exhibits emotional intelligence is good and as such an individual is doing his or her best to employ them effectively (Davis, 2011). However, it also translates to indicate that some EQ behaviors are poorly utilized and there is need for a great deal of improvement in this respect. An individual should therefore seek to understand his or her own weaknesses to realize where differences exist and thus make necessary improvements (Macik-Frey, 2007).

Personal Emotional Intelligence Appraisal score analysis

Personal Competence

The personal competence score of 82 determines that my collective power in both self awareness and self management skills. This implies that my personal life situations are faced with an above average emotional intelligence level (Noe, 2012). I am an above average achiever with regard to personal competence and the need to polish relevant skills to exhibit high degree of emotional intelligence and behavior.

With regard to self awareness, a score of 78 indicates that there are behavioral tendencies which exhibit low emotional intelligence levels. This implies that my ability to precisely perceive personal emotions and constantly be aware of them needs more practice and polishing to appraise the score. This implies that I have to keep my personal perspective flawless such that I am well aware of how I respond with other individuals during interaction as well as specific situations in my private and professional life. I am an above average achiever with regard to self awareness.

As appertains to self management, a score of 85 implies that I have the ability to employ awareness of my emotions in a flexible and positive manner and in an effort to keep in touch with how these affect my behavior. This means that my emotional intelligence in managing my behavior in various situations and people is above average. I am thus a high achiever with respect to self management.

Social Competence

A score of 93 is quite high with regard to how I interact with other people in the society and more so in the workplace. As such, this implies that these are my strengths and I should capitalize on situations where these attributes can contribute positively to my success as a student and in my future career. A high emotional intelligence in social competences implies that my self-awareness and relationship management behaviors and emotions are very good.

For the self awareness emotional intelligence test, I have a score of 95 which shows that am a high achiever and as such self awareness is one of my strong points with regard to emotional intelligence and behavior. This score exhibits the fact that I have a high aptitude towards discerning emotions demonstrated by other people may have and come to terms with what other people are experiencing in a given social setting. This score highlights my ability to comprehend how other individuals are feeling and thinking though I do not share the same emotional state.

A score of 91 indicates that I have the ability to employ my self-awareness with relation to my own personal emotions as well as the emotions of other individuals to cope with interactions effectively and successfully. This means that I have the ability to employ emotional awareness in guiding communications with a high degree of clarity as well as effectively resolving conflict.

Application in my personal and professional life

Life is unpredictable and as such there are myriads of challenges which individuals face in their day to day life either with respect to the professional life or private life. For one to be able to juggle responsibilities effectively, emotional intelligence is critical towards realizing peace of mind.  A personal competence score of 82 shows that I am able to have a personal life which is comfortable devoid of many conflicts.

Having such a positive outlook of my personal life and a social awareness score of 93, I am in a position to lead an active social and professional life. An individual in a demanding professional career has to exhibit a high score of emotional intelligence appraisal. This is because such a position will probably entail complex interpersonal interactions (Macik-Frey, 2007). Such an individual will also need to have a stable private life. With high scores in both personal and social competencies, I can opt for a demanding career choice such as Law or Medicine. These two careers call for individual with impeccable scores on emotional intelligence. More so due to the fact that such a career choice will in most instances cause conflicts with regard to ones private life. Professionally these two careers relate to offering services of people with a high degree f emotional distress.




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