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Essay on School kill Creativity


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School kill Creativity

Do you agree with the premise, explain

Sir Ken Robinson develops a charming and deeply serious issue for establishing an education system that promotes creativity instead of undermining it. I do not agree with the maxim that ‘school kill creativity’. In fact, the real creativity is created on the information, which is founded on literacy (Robinson). However, in some schools, the learners are not growing their literacy skills on all advanced learning because they tend to focus on cognitive development. In addition, most schools are geared to nurture the actual talents of the student.

What is the role of education?

The role of education is to foster creativity by relevant information to the learners. In addition, the education should provide the foundation that the young people require to be suitably creative. Such knowledge can facilitate invention in the future. Therefore, education offers critical knowledge which catalysts new discoveries (Robinson).

What is the point of Sir Ken’s example of various children’s activities?

Sir Ken provides an example of Gillian Lynne who at a tender age (eight years) was considered to be experiencing a problem in learning difficulty because of her incapability to concentrate and sit skill. However, the doctor discovered that the girl was not sick but was rather talented in music. Therefore, the example illustrate that the education system should focus on identifying and nurturing talents (Robinson).

What is the commonality among education systems around the world?

The commonality among education systems around the world is that they fail to focus on creativity. Therefore, the education system should try to give children an opportunity of realising their original potential and enrich the curriculum with important content (Robinson).

Public education is relatively recent, when and why was it developed

Public education was developed in the past century aiming to enhance the social conditions. More importantly, states such as Massachusetts introduced compulsory public education in the eighteenth century. Similarly, t has a role in nurturing talents and enabling democratic societies (Robinson).

What are three things we know about intelligence

Intelligence is about divergent thinking, self-expression, and imagination. In this regard, it facilitates critical thinking where the learners are able to acquire skills on communication and problem solving. In addition, learners are able to study how to engage in other people in their places of work (Robinson).



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