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Scanning for Exploits


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 Note: there are two different discussion. Separately answer them 

(SEC 420) Discussion 1 (No more than 1 Page)

“Scanning for Exploits” Select one of the following and discuss in no less than three paragraphs, and have at least one response to another student of at least one paragraph:

· Suppose you work as a security analyst and during a weekly meeting your supervisor asks for your opinion about the ways in which the department could best identify vulnerabilities that a hacker could potentially exploit on a network. Analyze the potential security concerns and identify what you believe to be the greatest concerns in terms of vulnerabilities. Describe the method(s) you would use to identify the related exploit(s). Explain your desired method(s) to perform this vulnerability analysis.

· Suggest the tool(s) that you would use to perform all, or a portion of the analysis mentioned in Part 1 of this discussion. Justify the manner in which such tools could assist with these efforts.

· Any current topic or article related to penetration techniques.

· The instructor insight

Note:  Reminder that you need to create your own original thread, use a proper subject, and have salutations for all posts in the subject line and message, use proper paragraphs and citations if you have sources, and that you are sharing your thoughts, not regurgitating the text or outside sources.   I encourage you to do more than just the minimum, and fully engage in conversations.


Discussion 2 (half Paragraph)

Listening and Your First Speech  

Use what you’ve learned this week to respond to the following:  

· Complete the Listening Self-Evaluation in The Art of Public Speaking, Ch. 3 pg. 54. Discuss why you were or weren’t surprised by the results. Identify three habits that you want to work on and share your plan for how to improve them.   

· Find quality, credible advice to help you give your first recorded speech. (Make sure it is a different resource than one found by a classmate.) Provide a link to the resource and briefly summarize the advice. How do you plan to use this advice in your first speech?