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Satire and the Contemporary American Society Essay


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Satire and the Contemporary American Society


Many individuals are heavily criticized for having views that are in most instances appears as divergent. But in essence the only means with which to address some issues in our society is to take revolutionary views that are inconsistent with human reasoning and those which to contradict the very essence of society. For instance, an Israeli minister called the American power as being soft in its endeavors to rid the Islamic republic of Iran of its nuclear program. The Israeli’s in my view should handle their own issues as men and desist seeking help from the American administration as they have done so successively. The Israeli people are the most selfish individuals in the world and as such the world would be much better of if the were to handle their own issues. Soft, who is soft? They have depended on the support freely availed by the US government for decades now. The American have supported them for so long that they now think and assume that its their natural right to ask for bread and get bread in return. The Americans are a super power which quivers under the ancestral right of God’s chosen people. The Israelis by virtue of their history are gifted and talented swindlers just as Jacob swindled his elder brother Esau of his birth right from their old and blind  father Issac. There you have it, swindlers and opportunists I tell you swindlers and opportunists. These Israelis will take advantage of any situation to rip any one off. Even from a dutiful brother seeking to fulfill his dying father’s wish.

Fortunately, there is a way with which we can address the problems that the Israeli’s have  presented the world with for generations past and avoid these historical injustices from occurring in future. The comments by the Israeli cabinet minister were in the kindest of words a blow below the belt. The US have over the years played the same role as Esau, that of an elder brother. After getting the military might of a nuclear arsenal and advanced weaponry, they contend with spitting o America’s flawless face. The solution is to hive off a region of the Alaska and present it to the Israeli’s as a solution for lasting peace in the Middle East. The Israeli’s made their own errors eons ago by scheming Esau, ancestral father of the Arabs of their birth right. The Arabs will be happy, the Americans will be happy, and Alaska will warm again just as in the prehistoric times fueled by their toddler tantrum like tempers.

Satire is vital in aiding the general populations to come to terms with issues which in most cases they may take to be trivial. As is the case with Jonathan Swift’s satirical article published in 1729,  titled A Modest Proposal, satire is an important communication tool with which people can be made more aware that the problems affecting them are in essence as a result of their own actions. Satire enables people to critically assess issues affecting them and as such make appropriate decisions and actions to work them out. It has been used by governments and societies to enable people wake up to social ills surrounding them and to desist from thinking as a mob. Satire motivates change through humor by creating greater awareness levels among members of a society and is thus critical towards the sustenance of a mature and democratic society.   

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