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Sample Essay questions and answers


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assessment 3: Project – Report
Project – Report
Please answer all of the following questions:
Part 1 – Report (Maximum Words: 2500 / Minimum Words: 2000)
This is a major activity. Complete the following and present it as a report, covering the following tasks.
You have recently been employed for Sunny Side Pizzeria (SSP) to manage the Western Outlets. In recent months, sales have decreased. Your goal is to improve team performance and increase productivity by 5%. The areas in which performance needs to be improved are:
o In Attitude – Due to lack of direction from the management, the staff has developed a negative attitude that customers see. Staff is not clear on their job descriptions and, also no work plans are assigned to them.
o As a result, there are very high levels of absenteeism and resignations.
Using your knowledge on the subject of how to manage people performance, you are required to put forward a proposal in your report to meet this improvement.
Areas to be covered in a report:
You need to develop:
1. Work plans for any two staff members in accordance with the operational plans. Your proposed work plan should allocate work in a way that is efficient and cost effective, aimed at ensuring outcomes/goals are achieved.
2. List down any three performance standards and code of conduct which are necessary for this Pizza shop.
3. Using Sample Risk Analysis template in Appendix Two, conduct a risk analysis and determine whether
or not the goals are realistic.
4. Briefly demonstrate a sample communication plan to discuss the work plan with one staff whose
performance has been below the mark and for whom you developed the work plan as asked in Q.1 above.
5. Briefly explain any two contingency plans for the shop.
6. Using the individual work plan you created in point 1, outline how you would measure performance?
7. Using Appendix Three on Performance Management Timeline, briefly highlight the key points for a
performance management system which could be used for this pizza shop.
8. The team member in number 3 that you have developed an individual work plan for is not performing to the KPIs. Explain how you would consult with the team member and design a coaching plan.
9. Seek assistance from Human Resource specialists. Consult with them on your plan and write down any feedback they have provided you with. (Use Appendix Five) – In the response, address what actions you would take or why you would not use the feedback.
10. A member of your team’s attitude has become negative. Using Sample Counselling Session Plan in Appendix Six, design a counselling session outline that you would perform for the team member.
PART : 2 – Presentation Task
a) You are required to deliver a 10-15 minute presentation on your above project.
Please provide your Power points to your trainer a week before your presentation day, which will assigned by your trainer.