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Rural Nursing Focused Reflections

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Rural Nursing Focused Reflections:  The Rural Nursing Focused Reflections Paper is designed to demonstrate synthesis and application of Rural Nursing Theory.  At least three professional nursing articles will be used in addition to the Nursing Code of Ethics for Nurses and the Winters text to analyze and discuss the issues related to rural nursing and healthcare.  The paper will be professionally written, in APA format.  Appendix Cisthe rubric for the Rural Healthcare pap

Appendix C- Rural Nursing Focused Reflections grading rubric 60 points possible
Objective: Student will synthesize concepts of rural nursing theory from the perspectives of the
client/family and health care professional. Student will reflect on prior assumptions.
Excellent Competent Unsatisfactory
Introduction Introduction captures reader’s
attention without creative writing
(2 points)
Attention minimally
(1 point)
Attention not
(0 points)
Exploration of
rural nursing

  • Two key concepts of Rural Nursing
    Theory (see list p. 6 in the text by
    Winters) are explored in a clear and
    organized manner.
  • Both beneficial and challenging
    aspects from a patient perspective
    are considered
  • Supported by scholarly evidence.
    (12 points)
    Concepts are listed but not
    Challenging and beneficial
    considerations are lacking
    Minimally supported by
    (8 points)
    Work is incomplete
    or incorrect
    Sources are not
    credible or scholarly
    (0 points)
    adaptations /
  • A minimum of two interventions/
    adaptations to promote optimal
    outcomes in rural areas are explored.
  • A minimum of two interventions/
    adaptations to reduce disparities in
    rural areas are explored.
  • Supported by scholarly evidence.
    (12 points)
    Adaptations listed, but not
    Minimally supported by
    (8 points)
    Incomplete or
    (0 points)
    Your reflections Review your introductory post in this
    course. Explain how at least two of
    your initial thoughts were either
    supported or refuted. This reflection
    must demonstrate careful thought.
    (6 points)
    Two initial thoughts
    addressed. Reflection is
    (4 points)
    (0 points)
    Benefits &
    At least one benefit and one
    challenge associated with working as
    a nurse in a rural area is explored.
    Supported by scholarly evidence
    (6 points)
    Benefit(s) and challenge(s)
    addressed but not
    analyzed. Minimally
    supported by evidence
    (4 points)
    Work is incomplete
    or incorrect.
    (0 points)
    Conclusion Gives the paper a sense of
    completeness (2 points)
    Sense of completeness
    No sense of
    completeness (0)
    Organization for effectiveness
    Title page includes name, institution, date, and page numbers 1 point
    Uses APA style correctly for citations and references. 3 points
    Avoids plagiarism. Summarizes clearly rather than using long quotations 3 points
    Punctuation, spelling, spacing, capitalization and writing mechanics errors are rare. 3 points
    Writing is clear, succinct, focused, organized. Easy to understand main ideas 5 points
    References drawn from a minimum of three professional nursing journal articles. Journal
    resources are synthesized and integrated into plan appropriately.
    5 points
    Total points possible 60 point

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