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Romeo and Juliet Essay


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Romeo and Juliet Essay

Ways, the Themes in Romeo and Juliet, Appear in My Life at Home and My Life with Friends

As a young person, my family at home always feels the constant need to monitor any love interests that I may have. I am never free to love as I would want to because my parents will not even allow me to go on dates unless it is at our house, and they are around. Just like Romeo and Juliet, love, in my case, is a struggle for freedom and a journey to self-realization (Shakespeare, 2000). Love in Romeo and Juliet shows how communal forms of life such as family or the city are blind, and deepest collective commitments are devalued.

The Theme that Appears Most Often

The theme of Youth against Age is the youthful, impetuous emotion of the lovers bumping up against the cautious mature wisdom of the older people appears in many incidents. My parents and family members who are older than me always consider me immature, and that being in a romantic relationship makes me more irrational. My friends at school also complain about being treated as young people who have impetuous emotions. I believe that even though my parents are wiser, they are not always right. In Romeo and Juliet, Friar Lawrence supports the young lover’s marriage, and Juliet’s dad, Lord Capulet, has mood swings and outbursts of violence to deal with his daughter (Shakespeare, 2000).

Hate, enmity, and revenge are also themes that appear in Romeo and Juliet severally. All these things bring doubt to the wisdom older people proclaim against the go-for-it approach of the younger generation. Hate and enmity bring up an unwillingness to resolve the disagreement we have with our friends or family. When Romeo learns that Tybalt killed Mercutio, he gets angry and avenges his friend’s death by killing Tybalt.  I relate this to the many massive school shootings in the US year in year out, which lead to innocent lives being lost. 

How My Actions Sometimes Parallel those of Romeo and Juliet

Defying my parents at home just like how Juliet learns to defy parental dictates. I can also compare my compulsive behavior to Romeo, who trespasses, gate-crashes, and commits taboos throughout the play (Shakespeare, 2000).  The drugmaker, the apothecary, commits the unlawful act of selling poison to Romeo, leading to Juliet and Romeo’s death. I often find myself arrogant and ignorant of sneaking out at night to go to those forbidden parties.

Steps I can Take to Ensure that the Situations in My life Do Not End in Tragedy

I will purposely healthily communicate my emotions and also listen to my parent’s views and advice. I will also not make rash decisions out of anger or malice; I believe that deep down, my parents love me and always have my best interest at heart.  As we can see, both families of the Capulets and Montague hated each other, and neither party wanted to let go of their differences. Their hostility led to the loss of their children, a tragedy that could have been prevented if they resolved their disputes and allowed their children to love freely.  Logical thinking in terms of being calm and rational in every situation I face is something I am learning to incorporate in my life. Excessive emotions that cause you to do foolish things can lead to bad decision-making. If the two households wouldn’t have been swept by their emotions and let Romeo and Juliet marry each other, then their fateful death would not have happened.

Key Takeaways from Romeo and Juliet that I can Apply in My Life

My major takeaways are that suicides are never an option regardless of whatever situation one faces. From this play, I learn that suicide is never the solution when dealing with problems of young love. Letting go of grudges and forgiving quickly. Shakespeare shows that the very fact that Romeo and Juliet’s love is forbidden spurs their passion as young teenagers. They long to get in trouble and defy their families. This led to their tragedy. There are possible outcomes and repercussions that can come out of making rash decisions. Juliet having drunk the vial and got into a coma led to her lover Romeo acting so quick to drink the poison. Juliet acted on impulse when her parents refused to listen to her pleas and resulted in faking her death. We can say her actions were a form of revenge to her parents


Shakespeare, W. (2000). Romeo and Juliet (Vol. 1). Classic Books Company.

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