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Responding to Feedback


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Assignment: Responding to Feedback

By now, you have received multiple weeks of feedback from your Instructor. Are you consistently and thoughtfully addressing their feedback in your revisions? Please do so, as feedback is intended to be considered and appropriately addressed. In addition, you will want to review your work for further revisions, ensuring your writing is clear and precise.

For this Assignment, you will review the Learning Resources on feedback, and flow and cohesion. With the principles outlined in the Learning Resources in mind, you will further revise your paragraph from the Week 5 Assignment.

To prepare for this Assignment:

  • Review      the Learning Resources on feedback, and flow and cohesion.
  • Review      feedback obtained from your Instructor (weekly assignments) and from      colleagues (Discussion posts). You may wish to make a list of topics that      your Instructor has raised in their feedback to you over the previous      weeks, and construct a reference file for use in your future revisions.

The Assignment: Due tomorrow Saturday 1/13/18 by 12pm America New/York time. APA format

Revise the three paragraphs from the Week 5 Assignment (see attached word doc file), addressing relevant feedback from your Instructor. You may also add new content to your paragraphs. However, you should not use any other sources beyond your chosen article.

Required Readings