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Researching Current Companies


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Researching Current Companies


In the contemporary world, the level of competition for limited resources have increased more than ever before. This has made the world to appear like a jungle, where only the organizations that have the necessary competitive skills are deemed to survive. For this reason, most entrepreneurs are determined to embrace and implement measures that would enhance the competitive edge of their organizations.  There are numerous ways in which organizations can enhance their level of competition including offering regular training programs to the employees, embracing diversity, product design and differentiation, encouraging innovation among others. However, human resources are the core drivers of the organization, and this means that when the managers treat employees like valued assets of the organization, they are likely to improve in their productivity. Offering training programs for full time and part time employees helps them to feel valued, thereby working towards the achievement of the set organizational goals and objectives. There are numerous companies that have continued to offer training to their employees. This paper pays high attention to the analysis of the current companies that provide exceptional training opportunities for their current full time and part time employees to assure that their skills will match the industry and workplace requirements of the year 2020 and beyond.

Current companies that provide exceptional training opportunities for their employees

  1. Amazon

Amazon is one of the numerous current organizations that have been offering training to its full time and part time employees. In overall, this company has an overall rating of 3.8 and benefits rating of 3.8. Most of the full time employees who have been working for this company usually praise the management saying that the managers are smart people who offer the opportunity for growth. Actually in the recent past, Amazon launched a training program for full time employees that is referred to as the pivot training program. The core purpose of this program is to offer training skills to the employees who had been identified to be performing below the average level. According to the chief human resource manager of this company, the program is for the employees who show a sustained period of underperformance, despite having received the normal average coaching and support. Throughout the pivot program, the underperforming employees undergo a process of guidance and support, which is provided by a dedicated team of pivot subject matter experts who are referred to as the Career Ambassadors (CAS) (Kim, 2017). In addition to this, the employees of this company are also provided with information and technology skills, especially due to the fact that one of the skills that most of the current employees must have are those of operating computers and internet. Actually, considering that Amazon`s core operations is to sell products through the internet, the aspect of training its current full time and part time employees concerning how to operate the internet and other technological inventions.

The pivot training approach and the technology based training programs that Amazon offers to its employees perfectly matches with the workplace training for the year 2025 and this is due to a number of aspects. For example, the level of technology is enhancing at an increasing speed, and this means that by the year 2025, every employee must be having the basic skills of operating computers and other technological devices in order to stay within the workplace. Technological skills are one of the main goals that being set to match with the demand come 2025. Consecutively, the pivot training program will help the company to retain its employees by focusing on how to enhance their skills rather than expelling them due to their low performances. In addition, by 2025, the level of competition for limited resources such as talented workforce will be high, and this means that an organization that opts to offer personal development to its employees will not face the challenge of the employees being lured and hired by its rivals. Actually, due to the increased incorporation of technology in this company, the aspect of intelligence workplace, which is one of the requirements for the workplace for the year 2025 and beyond. The intelligence workplace entails a situation where employees do not need to spend all their time being held up in the same place as this stimulates the build-up of stress and fatigue. Instead, by 2025, employees will be flexible to be working anywhere provided they will manage to meet the delegated duties or tasks within the set timeframe Barbara, 2015). For example, employees can opt to work within the organizational premises or at home.

  1. Starbucks Company

Starbuck is a company that is globally known for its exceptional brand of a cup of tea. The company has been operating through an organizational culture of offering its more than 5 million customers a day an unforgettable experience. The services of this company ranges from clever seasonal drinks to a good environment that has been equipped with Wi-fi, and these are among the major formulas that the company uses to attract its customers again and again. In addition to this, the tremendous growth of this company can highly be attributed to the manner in which the managers treat and value every employee. In this connection, the company have created a new hire training program that uses the 70/20/10 approach (Panopto Inc., 2018). The approach means that approximately 70 percent of the training of an employee happens through the on the job experience, 20 percent of the training is attained from the regular mentorship and feedback from coaches, and 10 percent of the training is acquired from the online learning modules. In the Starbucks Company, new employees get their initial training from the dedicated trainers as well as the store managers. The initial training tends to be broad, covering the history of the company, the company`s culture, as well as the legacy of social responsibility. Apparently, since Starbucks has numerous branches and outlets all over the world, the company`s experience is typically taught to groups of new employees at the in-store environments especially in remote markets as well as at the regional training centers for the markets which are in civilized places. In addition to this, each store tends to have a learning coach, and this is a person who have shown a passion for training and teaching. The learning coach tends to guide new hires through the Barista basic hands on training program.

Based on the forecasted workplace training needs for the year 2025, all new employees must be trained concerning the culture of the company, as this sets as pace at which the employees will take in adapting and meeting the expected organizational performance standards (Donkor, 2017). The exceptional training skills for the current full time and part time employees of this company perfectly matches the industry and workplace requirements of the year 2025 and beyond.

  1. SurveyMonkey Inc.

The Surveymonkey Corporation is one of the leading global provider of survey software products which enable organizations to associate with their key constituents including their employees, customers, suppliers, and the markets that they serve. The company is hailed as one of the best in terms of offering exceptional training to its current full time and part time employees. Once new employees are employed to this company, they are provided with training concerning the mission of the company, the products, the business strategy, the company`s values, and more importantly, monthly training on formal job related skills and knowledge for the engineers, sales representatives, and the customer support teams. In addition, the company provides leadership training to its management personnel and the juniors in the form of a classroom based curriculum that covers critical skills such as team development, goal setting, hiring, and performance management (SurveyMonkey Inc., 2018). In addition, the company hosts a quarterly development program to all its directors and this includes workshops that is spearheaded by thought leaders, and this helps in preparing the next generation of executive leaders. In addition, the company also offers individual coaching engagements to all its senior leaders, and this training lasts for approximately eight weeks. Moreover, the company has embarked on a culture that encourages employees to be proactive in helping each other to learn by providing courses across all its regions on aspects ranging from online security to negotiation skills. All employees of this company have unlimited access to Udemy for Business, and this is an online learning platform which aims at developing and enhancing learning of new skills among the employees (SurveyMonkey Inc., 2018).

The exceptional training programs that this company offers to its employees meets the industry and workplace requirements for the year 2025 and beyond. One of the requirement for the workplace in the year 2025 and beyond is for organizational to offer training to its current full time and part time employees that focuses on the creation of a cross-generational workplace. Precisely, the demographic make-up of the workplace should emerge beyond recognition by 2025. A mixture of generations will be within the same workplace and corporate culture will transform around the needs and working styles. Organizations will be have to find a strategy of meeting the needs of both generation Y and Z, without alienating the older employees (Vithal, 2017). Another requirement for the workplace for the year 2025 and beyond is the creation of a boundary-less workplace. This requirement means that organizations will be cooperating with one another in order to co-create, and innovate. In an organization, the culture of employees teaching other on how to perform will be the order of the day in various organizations, and this is one of the major focus of the training programs that are currently being offered by the SurveyMonkey Corporation. In addition, the employees will be having full access to training materials, in such a way that they can go and enhance their learning and skills any time that they are free, rather than waiting for their employers to run training programs.


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