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(Solved)Tesla Motors and develop a Stakeholder Analysis


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You are required to research Tesla Motors and develop a Stakeholder Analysis and Strategy
Development Report. As a starting point, listen to the BBC interview with Tesla CEO Elon Musk;
The report should include an Executive Summary, Table of Content, and cover the following key

focus areas.
A. Introduction to Tesla Motors
This section should include an introduction to Tesla Motors. Need to capture the vision and
mission of the company with recent developments, challenges, and industry trends.
Essential to provide a concise summary and an analysis of facts.
B. Tesla Stakeholder View of the Organisation
Prepare a diagram with Tesla as the central organisation surrounded by the company’s
stakeholder groups using the stakeholder view model.
For each stakeholder group identified in the stakeholder view model, research Tesla
further and prepare a list identifying and describing the specific stakeholders within each
stakeholder group.
C. Stakeholder Analysis for four selected stakeholder groups
Select four specific stakeholders and analyse their behaviour and motives.
Tip: choose a stakeholder from each of the different four stakeholder categories
discussed in MBA 501 workshops to avoid repeating yourself in sections D and E

D. Stakeholder category identification and generic strategic programs for each of
the four selected stakeholders
Identify the stakeholder category that each of the four stakeholders belongs to and list the
generic strategic programs available for managing each stakeholder.
E. Recommended strategic program for each of the four selected stakeholder
groups including reasons for recommendations
Recommend a specific strategic program for each of the four identified stakeholders that are
consistent with one of the generic programs identified in section D.

Important Points to consider
o Need to capture recent developments with regards to Tesla Motors and the industry.
o Incorporate academically oriented articles and books into the analysis (minimum five
academically oriented articles and books apart from industry reports, credible online
news sources, business magazines, websites, etc.)
o Concepts relevant for this assignment are in workshops 1-5
o Need to follow a report format
 The Executive summary and table of content will not be included in the word
o Study the attached assessment rubric carefully
o Watch the assignment briefing webinar conducted by the Subject Coordinator – refer
subject welcome message from the Coordinator for the date and time

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