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Research paper simple question for college university


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  • Research Paper
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  • Modern Art
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  • Art
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  • MLA

Paper Instructions

Your final research paper will consist of 5-8 pages – standard margins, 1.5 spacing, 12 point type, – not including illustrations, citations and references appropriately listed in the BIBLIOGRAPHY section of the paper- you must include and make citations for at least five sources – books, periodicals, or on-line sources. You will write on a pre-approved topic, researching and discussing an art-related topic from any period or culture between the 14th – 21st centuries. Papers must follow the formats of MLA, APA or Chicago styles for research writing,. ALL PAPERS MUST INCLUDE IN TEXT CITATIONS AND REFERENCES !!! Failure to use citations will automatically result in a failing grade. All direct quotations or ideas which are not your own, must be cited. Facts that are listed outside of the ‘general area of knowledge’ for a particular topic must also be cited appropriately according to the style manual you are using (APA, MLA or Chicago).

Papers must follow the following format – Title; Opening (Thesis) paragraph- What are you going to write about. What point about that subject do you intend to make? You may explain the topic in the first three or four paragraphs – no more; 4-6 pages supporting your thesis concept. Include historical facts, descriptions of art works (and illustrations), context and supporting information as well as personal reflections and opinions about your topic. Develop the explanation for your thesis topic gradually and systematically rather than just putting together random facts Be concise but accurate. Write 2-3 pages in conclusion – summarize what you have written about, and explain why this subject is of interest or historical relevance. paragraphs. Write as an ‘objective commentator’ – not as a conversational tone. Use the first person tense only when stating your personal opinions, if at all. It is appropriate to present opinions objectively. Remember of they are not YOUR opinions they must be cited to the particular text and page number fro a listed reference. Write in complete sentences – spelling and grammar count. If you are not confident about your writing ability, get someone to help you edit the paper – including typos. Use spell-check! Upload papers directly on to ASU Learn NO LATER THAN MIDNIGHT NOVEMBER 29. If your paper is not submitted on time you may receive a grade of ‘F’. Allowing submission at the end of the semester there is virtually no time for late submissions.Preferred software – pdf, or ms word doc files. ‘pages’, ‘rdf’ or other seldom used software may not be open-able on my computers – best to submit .doc files. It is strongly recommended that illustration (JPEG or TIF files are preferred) be included in the body of your test rather than at the beginning or end. Make sure that each image file is less that 1 MB. Use no more than five illustrations.

Grades will be based on writing clarity and and completeness of research as well as the insightfulness and originality of the paper’s conclusions and observations. Your paper must be more than a collection of facts and references. You must think independently about your topic and make a statement beyond the research – tell me what YOU think of this topic! Tell me what you discovered in the research process! I am available to assist in the process of writing, to answer questions and make suggestions if you get stuck, but I will not pre-edit anyone’s paper.

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