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Research paper on Agile Transformation.


Need a Research paper on Agile Transformation.

Research Paper should be on the below problem statement :     

Statement is all about identifying particular process of agile and its factors need to be taken into consideration of expecting valid outcome results with defined values.  

There is a problem of identification process and practices in agile methodology while undergoing the transformation process in various large scales IT departments and organizations. There is no particular process defined to follow during the transformation process. This is also being observed in new organization which wants to deliver their project thru agile and an existing organization which wants to transform from waterfall to agile. By this means, organizations are revising and editing the agile process according to their application standards. During this stage few factors are ignored and few overlapped and few are faced as challenges/risks which are resulting in failure without satisfactory results such as low quality, time and cost investment, scope etc.; Agile is being consider to be implemented in different ways and multiple approaches. Researches are being conducted to see what is the best way to consider to handle a defined goal of success.

I’ve selected few reference papers to research on this. 

Those can be provided.

Research Paper should contain the following:


Introduction (4 pages)

Problem Statement and Justification (3 pages)

Literature Review- Analysis of Related Work (10 pages)

Proposed Solution Approach (6 pages)

Conclusion (1 page)


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