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Research In Nursing


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Qualitative Question:

How does a patient’s eating habits contribute to a diagnosis of cancer? The independant variable in this question is the cancer. The dependant variable is the patients eating habits.  The hypothesis would be A diet full of processed foods will lead to a diagnosis of cancer. The hypothesis categories are simple and complex (Schmidt & Brown, 2019). The hypothesis is simple because it contains one variable which in this question are eating habits (Schmidt & Brown, 2019). This is also directional because the hypothesis can be easily studied and proven in an experimental study

Quantitative Question:

What percent of infection precautions reduce the spread of infectious disease to other patients in the health care setting?

The Independent variable is the infection precaution (airborne, droplet and contact precautions). The dependent variable is the reduction of spread of diseases to another patient. The hypothesis is Infectious precaution reduce the change of another patient getting the disease by 97%. This hypothesis would be considered null due to the fact that testing it requires accepting or reject the hypothesis (Schmidt & Brown, 2019).

The qualitative question I follows the phenomenology rule: what is the lived experience of a woman dying from breast cancer (Schmidt, 2019). My independent variable is dying from breast cancer and the dependent variable is the lived experience. My hypothesis is that there is an associated between the family support and the lived experience for a woman dying from breast cancer. This hypothesis is a nondirectional hypothesis because this one states that a relationship exists between two variables, but it does not predict the direction or nature of the relationship (Schmidt, 2019). Nondirectional hypotheses are commonly used in exploratory and descriptive studies

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