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Research And Apply Evidence To Practice


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In order to complete this assessment, you need to identify TWO (2) areas related to the topic, where research can help support and improve your own practice as an EN.           

Identify the reason(s) for undertaking your research from the list below.

You may select several reasons.

Provide A Brief Rationale For Each.     

Write a clear statement highlighting your research question or hypothesis, e.g. “Is there a difference between hand washing protocols and actual practice”. It may include:

Nursing interventions applicable to the topic

Client perceptions of the provision of this topic

Models of nursing care that utilise the topic

Political issues confronting nursing practice and health care provision in relation to the topic

An example of a question (the student can NOT use this example), would be:

Does hand washing among healthcare workers reduce hospital acquired infections?

An example of a hypothesis (the student can NOT use this example), would be:

Hospital acquired infections are more likely to be passed on by hand washing with water than when hands are washed with soap.

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