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Reflective Essay: What does it mean to be human?


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Reflective Essay: What does it mean to be human?

Being human means that we possess humanity, which refers to three things; a global identity, a species, and a behavior. To be human means that one has behaviors that are distinct from other species. Humans possess the power of imagining, reasoning, innovating, and communicating via language. A human can display emotions and act upon them. As humans, we can generate elevations that show our humanity. For instance, if a stranger is in trouble, a human can engage in a moral act to give a hand. Furthermore, the moral act gives humans the satisfaction that they have done the right thing, and it is also up to the stranger to choose whether to be grateful or not since it is within their right to make decisions based on their judgment.

To be human means that we are considerable compared to the non-human world. This is due to our intelligence, which consistently grows as we go through day-to-day experiences. For instance, our intelligence has prompted us to discover, invent, and innovate technology and other things that simplify our lives. Humans shape up their imaginations in the best way possible to convert them into reality. We develop changes such as political and religious shapes that define our sociality, movements, and interests.

Being human gives us the power to make decisions. For example, 2020 has highly interrupted humans’ normal lifestyle and livelihood due to the coronavirus pandemic that has hit all parts of the globe. The virus is contagious, and therefore, humans have had to find ways to look out for each other. Even though lives have been lost and others have been sick due to the virus, it is evident that the decisions made by humans have saved more lives. The pandemic has made life more difficult for everyone. However, due to humanity, some individuals take the initiative to look after others who need supplies such as food, medication, and love. These little acts of kindness and love showcase the typical example of being human. It is doing the small things in life that matter to someone else that gives us our humanity. The Covid-19 pandemic has given humans a reality check of being human in that life is better than death, and for us to live, it means treating each other humanely and having mutual respect. As human we have the power to adapt and move on from situations that crush our feelings and emotions.

Humans, however, also have the option to handle situations negatively. They can choose to give up, do nothing, or do something about anything they are presented within life. We live in a diverse world with cultures that makes us different in the way we behave. However, we unite in sharing the necessities we have developed for our daily lives. For instance, we use the internet and technology to attend classes and engage in discussions through online meetings and other forms of socialization that we have created. Humanity demands that we watch out for others and non-human life since it is not enough for humans only to show affection to others. Everything in the environment depends on the decisions we make as humans.

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