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Recruitment and Selection


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Recruitment and Selection

Company description

I have newly appointed as the recruitment manager at the Procter Corner company which deals with large scale production of motor bikes. The company was incepted in 2007 and has been recording a tremendous growth in term of its sales and size, and this is mostly due to the various high quality and specialized products that it offers in the market. Due to the extent at which this company is expanding, the number and frequency of vacancies are increasing. The sales personnel and distribution positions are needed to be filled. The potential employees are targeted to be employed on permanent basis.

The recruitment strategy

In order to fill in these vacancies, the company will need approximately five individuals. In order to ensure that only the most qualified individuals are selected for these positions, the company has a perfect recruitment strategy in place. To start with, the company will advertise the availability of these positions through its website and in the daily newspaper in order to attract potential applicants to apply. In the job advert, the description of the minimum requirements, job description, avenues for applying and the deadline for the application will be indicated. The advertisement for the job will take approximately two weeks, as will ensure that majority of individuals will have heard about the job positions and plan on how and when to apply. This will be followed by inviting potential applicants to an interview, which will focus on the oral and written communication proficiency as well as the academic skills of the applicants. Those who will succeed to be recruited will be required to undergo job orientation processes in order for them to be briefed concerned the job. The cost of the recruitment strategy will be approximately $2000.