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Reasons Why Female Superheroes are not common in Movies


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Reasons Why Female Superheroes are not common in Movies

A superhero is a typical character endowed with exceptional powers and normally protects the public from evil. Over the years, the number of female superheroes in comic books or movies has been less compared to men’s superheroes.

Although the female superheroes, plays a variety of characters in the superhero category, the impact of female superheroes is not constantly affirmative. All-female characters are usually inclined to be hypersexualized, having a curvy shape in their sexy tight-fitting outfits. This exposure usually impacts their gender roles, body esteem, and self-objection (Schneider, 2018). Also, as the central role of superheroes is to save humanity; however, female victims are naturally delicate, naive, and defenseless and lacks the strength portrayed in male counterparts.

Besides, the majority of the viewers for superhero arts are young men. The sexualized representations figures of females, with broad chests, rounded bottoms, and unachievable hourglass sizes, make them slightly less female superheroes less idealistic. Hence, for some reason, they are not typically excited by female superheroes  (May, 2015). Therefore, films are low rated, leading to very low profit; hence producers are reluctant to invest in such films.

Also, most female superheroes film are primarily written and directed by men. They always accuse female performers of the mechanical and narrative problems in the movie, making them bear the burden of the blame of low-quality movies and books. Therefore, male writers and directors do not prefer to give compelling female characters in the play. Also, the Hollywood industry does not put necessary to invest time, money, and making female superhero films as well. This gender bias in the film industry translates to more men being superheroes compared to females (Searles, 2017).

In conclusion, the male gender has conquered the superheroes’ title in most comic plays and movies due to women’s hypersexualization in the industry. To increase the number of female superheroes, film directors must stop rendering women as people instead of voluptuous items.


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