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Rationale for Choosing Nursing Career


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  • Your rationale for choosing a career in nursing;
  • Include any experience in a health care setting;
  • Explain any academic difficulties you have faced, and how you addressed these challenges;
  • Summarize your strengths and areas needing improvement; and
  • Maximum of 750 words.

The Rationale for Choosing Nursing Career

My desire for making a difference in individuals’ lives has led me to pursue a career in nursing. I am certain that the profession will offer me numerous opportunities and rewards as I strive to improve the well-being of patients and families from different backgrounds. I am inspired by the fact that the career is all about bringing happiness and comfort to the people in need. For instance, mental health, midwifery, and rehabilitation services are meant to make a positive impact. I believe that people that have undergone painful experiences will always remember the efforts of the nurses. As a strong-willed person, I believe that this is a great career move.

My rationale for choosing a nursing career is also driven by the fact that there are possibilities for professional growth. There are diverse areas in the healthcare industry that a practitioner can work on including local hospitals, education institutions, and assisted living facilities. The latter involves working with the elderly. In other healthcare settings, one can help people to recover from injuries following major and minor accidents or illnesses. Moreover, nurses gain critical skills in diverse fields. For instance, one learns about infection control, disease treatment, and conducting medical research. As I get educated in different areas, I will also grow my career path. I will have unlimited chances of becoming a nursing leader, a practitioner, or a registered physician. Besides, I can also advance my knowledge and become an educator or manager.

I was also attracted to nursing because I love working in a challenging environment. Sometimes, the numerous responsibilities of practitioners may require them to work for 24 hours in a day due to the unpredictable nature of hospitals. For instance, sometimes the wards may full of patients that require care while in other instances there are many emergency cases in the triage. For instance, the current COVID-19 pandemic has led to an increase in the number of patients in our neighborhoods. Despite the challenges of the disease and the dangers it poses to the human population including medical practitioners, I still feel compelled to offer my services to improve individuals’ wellbeing. Additionally, the growing number of the elderly population has amplified the demand for nurses. With such knowledge, I believe that I can offer compassionate care coupled with empathy since I believe that people do not deserve to suffer or lose their lives for reasons that can be controlled. Moreover, individuals need to feel that they are cared for and that there is someone to listen to them. Therefore, I chose to pursue nursing so that I can offer evidence-based and patient-centered services.

Although I have not yet started nursing studies, I believe that I can make a good practitioner because I volunteered in nurturing homes. The facilities are fully equipped with experienced workers who would guide me to achieve my dreams of helping people that require care. I loved listening to their stories and concerns and would respond with compassion and empathy. As a volunteer, I did not have any training or special skills but I loved spending time with people that needed my services and helped them to perform their daily activities like feeding, clothing, and helping them take medication. It was easy interacting with the residents in nursing homes since they craved a gentle touch, a hug, or someone to hold their hands when they walk. I believe that when such non-communicative gestures are applied to patients, they would have positive outcomes.

Given a chance, a major strength that would enable me to excel in my nursing career is that I am a good listener. For instance, I understand that patients suffering from depression feel isolated, misunderstood, and lonely. Helping people facing such issues is imperative because they need someone to listen to them. When volunteering in nursing homes, I had a chance to interact with senior citizens and had a good time cheering them up. One of the challenges that I faced when in school was creating a balance between volunteering and academic work. There were times when I felt that the residents in the nursing home required more than I could offer and ended up neglecting my studies. Such moments were quite challenging because I would have to compensate for the missed classes by taking evening tutors to avoid compromising my grades. I addressed the problem by researching the importance of self-care. I now understand that although I have to prioritize patient needs, the detrimental effects of stress and burnout can render me unable to help others.

Lastly, I am self-driven and have compassion for people, and would offer my services to alleviate pain and suffering. Having worked in nursing homes, I believe that it is time to advance my knowledge and pursue a nursing career. Moreover, I will address my strengths and weaknesses by abiding by nursing guidelines and the code of ethics. My desire to help other people and bring positive outcomes in their lives is critical because this is an opportunity for me to practice my knowledge and do what I love. Going by Florence Nightingale’s philosophy, nursing is a spiritual calling and they should always help the people in distress.

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