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Race and Racism Essay


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Race and Racism

The class reading materials have greatly helped me to understand race in terms the social-historical perspective in the United States. Precisely, I have learnt the perception of the white Americans with the other individuals from diverse origins especially before the 19th century, and how this perception has changed over time (Schaefer, 2012). Though discrimination based on race was rampant and open in the past, some forms of hidden discrimination is still being propagated by a number of individuals in the present times. For example, people with disabilities, the aged and, lesbians and gays are also being excluded in our society. More importantly, despite the fact that racism and other forms of discrimination had been prominent issues in the past, these readings have helped me to understand ways the contemporary generation can overcome exclusion. Apparently, it is important that most of the groups that are facing discrimination have understood their rights, and have been overcoming social exclusion through fighting for their rights as well. I remember during president Obama`s administration, the lesbians and gays were holding peaceful demonstrations sensitizing the government to legalize same sex marriages and they succeeded. In addition, I have also experienced people with disabilities calling for government recognition, as well as legal actions being taken to individuals who mistreat them.

I strongly believe that racism can be a thing of the past if the aspect of white privilege can be addressed. Considering that we live in a globalized world, it is sad that some Americans still hold the white privilege perception. I have studied and interacted with most non-whites, and they are sometimes even better in terms of academics, talents and socializing than the whites.


Schaefer, R.T., (2012). Racial and Ethnic Groups (14th edition). Pearson Publishers. U.S.A.

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