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Rabbit Meat Straight from the Wok Essay


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Rabbit Meat Straight from the Wok

Rabbit Meat Straight from the Wok is a fast rising digital persona developed by a rabbit raising enterprise in California. Few Americans have ever had the opportunity of savoring the easy to get delicacy that is rabbit meat. Considers as white meat, rabbit meat has readily digestible proteins, low calorie proportions, low sodium content and comparatively low fat amounts. In addition, it is basically a domestic livestock with significantly high productivity rate. Sue and Chan Rabbit Farm is located within Chatham County and has been in the rabbit production business for a while now (Fatty Owl Farm, 2017). The farm supplies rabbit meat to restaurants and hotels within the state and has recently ventured into opening a food house specializing in preparing numerous and unique rabbit stew recipes.

Rabbit Meat Straight from the Wok is the couple’s attempt to cement a robust online presence to reach to rabbit meat enthusiasts all over the state and even beyond. The couple has endeared to set up a food blog. It has the dedicated aim to create a trustworthy persona with health conscious rabbit meat consumers all over the US towards sharing recipes, dining experiences and improve access of white rabbit meat to the American people (deKerckhove & de Almeida, 2013).

Core Objectives

Rabbit Meat Straight from the Wok seeks to create a fresh revenue source for the Sue and Chan revenue but as such, is more committed towards appraising stakeholder satisfaction. More so, its digital persona seeks to pro-actively continue promoting the consumption of healthy white rabbit meat as a sustainable protein source among America’s populations. Most people are only conversant with domestic fowls and fish as white meat sources. The creators of this particular digital persona point to the fact that many people within North Carolina have been making inquiries as to the accessibility of rabbit meat. It is through incessant demand by satisfied clients that the two middle aged farmers have accepted to create an active digital persona to reach out potential rabbit meat enthusiasts.

Strategic Objectives

There are a number of strategic initiatives connected to the Rabbit Meat Straight from the Wok blog. The most prevalent being the call by numerous rabbit meat consumers within Chatham County and its environment calling for heightened online interaction (Fatty Owl Farm, 2017). Though this digital persona, it will be possible for the community members to share recipes on the blog as well as request deliveries for rabbit meat from the farm’s meat production unit. It is fundamentally a good way through which the farm can appraise the management of its customer relations for its rich feedback capabilities. It will be a blog which has a huge following given the extended period that the farm has been in operation provides users with a trusted source of information for recipes and an avenue for e-commerce to expand the rabbit production enterprise.

Ancillary Objectives

The tertiary objective for this blog is to slowly but progressively create a robust brand persona for the Sue and Chan Rabbit farm through the Rabbit Meat straight from the Wok blog (Young, 2014). Relatively new, the blog has already been registering a significant amount of traffic and as such, has raised the farm sales of the white meat considerably. It has created awareness to internet users that there is indeed, a ready source of rabbit meat within North Carolina especially for unique occasions such as family reunions. There have also been instances where customers purchase the produce but fail to have new recipes with which to cook rabbit meat. It will act as a after sale service for its clients.

Content Preferences

Rabbit Meat Straight from the Wok desired quality media for its social media initiative to reach out to its growing technology savvy client base. The blog will feature high quality images of ingredients and prepared dishes along with well placed texts offering visitors clear cooking instructions (deKerckhove & de Almeida, 2013). As such, the blog will always feature short form text to a great degree given the fact that most users will be actually preparing rabbit stews as guided by recipes featured on blog posts. Long-form texts up to 800 words will also be present in instances where the blog discusses healthy living literature. Occasionally, the images contained therein will feature the rabbit farm and meat production facilities at Sue and Chan’s Rabbit farm.

Platform Options

Rabbit Meat Straight from the Wok will be hosted on Word Press due to its superb features for personal publishing. It is also renowned for offering a consistency in user experiences (Trottier, 2016). More so, it features a customer friendly system for content management. Given that there are many robust social media platforms today, the blog will feature links that connect it to Instagram, Pinterest and Facebook (Sheehan & Bruni-Bossio, 2015). There are reasons behind why the three have been chosen. The main reason is that the blog will in its initial phase only feature images and tests. Through Instagram and Pinterest, users will be in a position to share images of rabbit stew recipes with other blog users. Similarly, through Facebook, the blog users will be able to share its content with other social media users as well as allow for a strong feedback system for the site. As such, it will be reliant on a content driven platform, where WordPress will remain the core platform while Pinterest, Instagram and Facebook will act as the supporting as well as the community building and bridging platforms (Trottier, 2016).

Conversion Quantifiers

The blog’s bridges or links will have the capabilities to propel users to conversion point zones which are essentially other social media platforms. Each point of conversion will present different measure and attribution insights. It is envisaged that most of the blogs responses will be posted and shared through Facebook (Sheehan & Bruni-Bossio, 2015). The conversion quantifiers for this platform will include compliments, comments, shares, complaints and even points of direct sales. Similarly, the blog’s preferred contact center will also be a vital conversion point where the effectiveness of the blog can be quantified in the number of email and voice call enquiries made as well as direct sales effected.

WordPress offers a management service through which the blog owners will have a good channel to regularly survey performaces register in the abridged social media platforms (Trottier, 2016). For instance each like, share or comment on Facebook will be registered on the blog linkage parameters.

Resources and Risks

The blog will require a great deal of input in terms of the time employed in managing customer feedback. However, the financial costs for running the blog will be relatively low. There are relatively low risks associated with running this particular social media strategy canvas initiative.


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