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R-Programming – Titanic Data


In this exercise, you will be allowed to share with other class members – remember to submit your own powerpoint with your name on it.

1. Analyze the Titanic Data – this is a good reference:


2) Focus on visualizing the effectiveness and method of each algorithm, Compare 5 Machine Learning Algorithms and summarize them in a powerpoint alongwith the code

Logistic Regression: The assumptions were met and the accuracy of the best model is 0.8539

Linear SVM: Scaled some features and gained an accuracy of 0.8764

Non-linear Radial SVM: Scaled some features and secured the highest accuracy of 0.8820

Random Forest: Gained an accuracy of 0.8427 and 10-fold cross validation did not improve the model accuracy

Naive Bayes: Gained an accuracy of 0.8427 which is identical to the Random Forest accuracy.



Remember to submit your response as a powerpoint

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