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QAHE London campus Renovation Project


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QAHE London campus Renovation Project


Task 1a- Sample Project Initiation Document (PID)

Title of ProjectQAHE London campus Renovation Project
Estimated budget£95,873.35
How the budget was derivedSpectre Chair with arms= £95 ×46= 4,370 (Pinnacle, 2018) Samsung All-In-One 24″ (1TB HDD)  = £949.99×65= £61,749.35 (Samsung, 2018) Materials Carpet (Brown Belton Feltback Twist carpet) = 2,000 Sq. m= 2,000 × £3.99 (Online Carpets, 2018)                                             = £7,980 Paint (Crown Breatheasy standard Emulsion cloud Burst- Silk Paint = 790L= 2.5L/ £14                                            Total= £4,424 (Homebase, 2018) Project manager= 16 weeks= £2300×4                                           Total= £9,200 Contractors= 8 weeks= £900                               Total= £7,200 Recruitment team= 7 days= £950                                            Total £950
Start Date15th October 2018
Finish Date1st July
Project SponsorManaging Director
Project ManagerOperations Director
Main ObjectivesImproving the teaching and learning environments at QAHE London Campus Equipping QA Higher Education (QAHE) London Campus with modern technology Renovating the teaching rooms at QAHE London Campus  
ApproachThe first step will be recruiting people that will be involved in the project. Also, all the suppliers and contractors will be assessed. Then the rooms will be cleaned and during the period the students will be transferred to other rooms. The renovation process will start immediately, which will include painting the rooms, fixing the carpet, arranging the chairs and connecting the new computers. The changes will be assessed to make sure that the project is successful and finally teachers and students will be allowed to access the rooms.  
RisksLack of enough time to complete the entire refurbishment project. Another risk that may affect the project is risk in capital investment, that is caused by deterioration of the materials used (Karim et al., 2007). Another risk is incomplete design of the teaching rooms and computing labs. A hard time providing detailed information about the workmanship Environmental pollution due to noise and odor emanating from the materials used in the renovation project Individuals injury during the renovation process

(Pinnacle, 2018) (Homebase, 2018) (Karim et al., 2007) (Online Carpets, 2018)


Task 1b- Simplified Stakeholder Analysis

Name of StakeholderReason for their interest in the projectDo they support me/notRole of the stakeholder in the projectImpact/influencesHow I will look after the stakeholder
Project SponsorThe project sponsor is part of the QAHE community, therefore, the project will highly benefit on him/herYesMaking sure that the project objectives are clear, maintained and attained (The University of Manchester, 2008) Monitoring the delivery of the project Providing funds for the refurbishment project. Dealing with issues that may arise during the project, for instance lack of cooperation from the members. Working with the project team and understanding their needs so as to develop a satisfactory strategic project brief  HighMaking sure that the stakeholders has proper information concerning the refurbishment project Ensuring that the project stakeholders participate in the decision-making process
Project managerThe project manager is the Operations Director at the Campus; therefore, the project will benefit him.  YesThe project manager will be tasked with planning as well as monitoring the QAHE project (Mitchell & Trebes, 2016) Managing risks linked to the project Carrying out a project evaluation review to ascertain if the project was managed properly    HighEnsuring that the stakeholders have a close contact with the project manager Provide information on the progress of the project  
TeachersThe project will benefit them by providing them a good teaching environmentYesThey will participate in the decision-making process during the projectHighThey will maintain a close contact with the stakeholders.
Design teamThey will help in designing the teaching rooms and computing labsYesDesign the teaching rooms and computing labs to ensure that they meet the project objectives Help in selecting comfortable furniture for the teaching roomsHighEnsure that there is proper communication with the stakeholders
StudentsThe project will offer them a good learning spaceYesThey will work all the stakeholders to ensure that the refurbishment project is successful. For instance, they will give them feedback concerning the furniture and the installed PCsHighEnsure that there is proper communication with all the stakeholders.
The contractorsThey will assist in the refurbishment processyesProvide materials that will be used in the refurbishment process Give a quotation of the materials required to successfully refurbish the campus Make sure that all the safety standards are met during the projectHighWork together with the project team Give the team information about the safety standards
The communityThe refurbishment of the campus will have a positive impact on the community  YesThey will participate in the decision-making processHighOffer feedback on the project

(The University of Manchester, 2008) (Mitchell & Trebes, 2016)

Task 2- Simplified Risk Register

   Gross Risks  Net Risk 
NoRisk TitleRisk DescriptionLikelihoodimpactRisk scoreMitigationOwnerImpactLikelihoodRisk scoreContingency
1HealthEnvironmental pollution from refurbishment materials  10717Proper health standards concerning environmental pollution should be followed Give the contractors proper gear to protect themThe main contractor7512Make sure that proper health standards are followed
2Incomplete DesignMay lead to delay of the project or unsuccessful completion of the project  6612Make sure that information concerning the design is provided on time The design team should involve other stakeholders to ensure that the design is complete.  Design team and Main Contractors437Have a clear design portfolio
3Workmanship issuesLack of coordination from the workers Lack of detailed specification of workmanship clauses8715There should be a clear definition of the workmanship clauses Workers should be motivated to work in a team by allowing them to participate in the decision-making processProject manager/ project sponsor538Have a detailed work structure
4Unexpected management problemsShortage of funds to complete the project Unexpected shortage of labour because of poor planning.325Make sure that there is proper planning of the finances required to complete the project Ensure that the recruitment process is carried out successfullyProject manager/ main contractor7613Have a detailed recruitment process
5Personal injuryInjury from the working materials      10919Ensure that all refurbishment materials are stored properly Make sure that the workers have proper working gear  Project manager and the contractor8614Have a safe store to keep the refurbishment materials
6Learning disruptionsInconvenience because of blocking of pathways Inconvenience as the students are required to change rooms  538Make sure that there are alternative rooms that students can move to early Put notice on the alternative pathwaysProject manager and the contractor336Make sure that students are informed about the changes early  
7Poor management of the projectUse of substandard materials in the refurbishment project9514Ensure that materials are bought from authorized suppliers The contractor should test the materials before they are usedThe contractor6511Use authorized suppliers
8FirePersonal injury Destruction of property9817Make sure that flammable materials are stored in well secured placeThe project manager/the contractor10919Ensure that the school has fire insurance
9Blocked pathwaysInconveniencing students using the building Blockage of emergency exists in case of any accident9716The contractor should provide alternative pathway The students should be informed of the pathwayThe contractor9615Have a well written sign on the alternative pathway
10NoisePollution of the environment10818The contractor should follow the proper standards to avoid disturbanceThe contractor7613Noise regulations should be followed

(Karim et al., 2007)

Task 3 Gantt Chart

Summary Tasks that span the full lifecycle of the project

The project will start with the project initiation. The second major step is to clean up the teaching rooms and computing labs. The refurbishment process will be carried out after cleaning. The project will be analyzed to ensure that it is successful. The students and teachers will be allowed to access the rooms officially.

Subtasks that combine to complete the summary task

The project will start mid-October, that is it will begin on 15th October 2018. The first step will be reviewing the plan for the need refurbishment of the London Campus.  It will start on 15th October 2018 to 19th October 2018. The second step is making copies of specifications and distribute, it will start on 20th October to 22nd October 2018. Allocating budget is another step which will start on 23rd October to 26th October 2018. Choosing the suppliers will start on 27th October to 29th October 2018.   The next step is the recruitment process which will be carried out from 30th October 2018 to 5th November 2018. Choosing furniture and PCs will start from 6th November 2018 to 8th November 2018. It will take six days to deliver them, from 8th November to 13th November 2018.

The second major step of the project, that is, cleaning the teaching rooms and computing labs will start in May 2019. It will start with removing old furniture and the PCs from the rooms from 31st May 2019 to 4th June 2019. Cleaning the walls will start from 5th June 2019 to 7th June 2019.

The refurbishment work will start on 8th June 2019.   Painting work will start on 8th June to 11th June 2019.   Next it will be cleaning the rooms before fixing the carpet, from 12th June to 14th June 2019. Next, the carpet will be fixed from 15th June 2019 to 18th June 2019. The room will be cleared to ensure that there is no dirt on 19th June to 20th June. The computers will be fixed on 21st June to 23rd June. The furniture will be arranged from 24th June to 26th June.  Final touch up will be carried out on 27th June to 28th June.

The project will be assessed to ensure that the project is successful on 29th June to 30th June.

The project will be finalized and students and teachers allowed to access the rooms on 1st July.

Gantt Chart


Renovating the teaching rooms and the labs. Buying new PCs and furniture. Ensuring that the teachers and students have a great working and learning environment.

Choosing the suppliers   Work Breakdown Structure

Task 4a: Importance of Risk Management

Organizations are required to understand potential risks to boost the chances of a project being successful. Also, they need to systematically and quantitively evaluation of the risks. They need to understand the possible influences and impacts. Then, companies should develop methods that will help deal with the risks (Kishk & Ukaga, 2008). Hence, risk management has different advantages. First, it helps in evaluating and establishing project practicability. It allows the project team deal with diverse issues that may affect the project. Also, it helps in assessing and managing risks to ensure that there is minimal loss. It will allow the QAHE project team manage risks such as poor management issues and personal injury that may lead to a huge loss.  It will also help minimizing risks through proper planning. The team can come up with a project plan that will ensure that the project is successful.  Project risk management also helps in ensuring that the project meets its objectives. The process increases the project profit margin.

Using principles of risk management allows the project team to make quality improvement. It ensures that all the processes are followed during a project (Kishk & Ukaga, 2008). Also, it increases the participation of the project team. However, lack proper risk management may derail the project. It may lead to loss of funds and lack of cooperation from the people involved.  The project manager may not understand the possible issues that may affect the project. Therefore, it will lead to implementation of a project that does not meet the objectives.  

Task 4b: PRINCE2 and Methodology

PRINCE2 methodology is a major project management approach in the UK. It is used in both the private and public sector. Its project governance and delivery approach project management is based on three constraint. In this case, when utilizing the PRINCE2 approach the project is managed within the time constraint, cost constraint and quality constraint (Pawar & Mahajan, 2017). An excellent project manager can ensure that the constraints adjust to one another to deliver the project within the scope. The roles of the project team members are well defined when using the approach.  PRINCE2 approach has different principles which include constant business justification. In this case, the project needs to have a valid justification throughout its life cycle. There should be a business case, that is outlined before the project starts. It needs to be polished in detail at the project induction stage and updated at the end of every step to reflect updated forecasts for time, costs, and benefits. The business case needs to be reviewed to make sure that the project is fit to continue.

The second principle is learning from experience. In this case, the project team needs to use lessons from the previous projects to improve their project. They should look at the things that worked from the previous project and those that failed (Pawar & Mahajan, 2017). Defining the roles and responsibilities of the people involved in the project is another great aspect of PRINCE2 approach. It helps in ensuring that the project is successfully implemented. Another aspect of the approach is that it ensures that all the stages are well managed. All the project steps should be followed from the initiation stage to the last step. It enables enhanced monitoring of the project. It also requires a project to have a system of delegation and escalation. Using PRINCE2 methodology requires the team to consider the project environment. Therefore, the project manager and project sponsor of QAHE should ensure that they consider the project environment.

Another advantage of PRINCE2 approach is that it has well-defined processes. The first step pre-project process which enables the team to assess whether the project is worth. The process has various major activities, they include formations of the project board and selecting the project manager (Pawar & Mahajan, 2017). A project management team should be select and prepare a project brief. Next, the business case ought to be defined and make sure that there is enough time to complete the project successfully (Charvat, 2003). The next stage is project induction which has various key steps. The third stage is directing a project which is a continuous process from the start to the end of a project. The major activities include allowing initiation and project. There is also the controlling stage which allows the project manager to monitor and control the project. The project manager has diverse tasks that include overseeing and report the progress of the project. He/she also handles issues that may arise during the project.

The next stage in PRINCE2 approach is managing the delivery of the project. It manages the communication between the project manager as well as the team managers. It helps in controlling the flow of work progress (Tuttle, 2012).  Another stage is managing stage boundaries. The approach offers the project board with major decision points. It helps in guiding the project team throughout the project. The final step in PRINCE2 approach is the closing stage. The methodology guides on the activities that should be carried out during the closing stage. For instance, there can be a follow-up which helps assessing whether the project was successful.

Therefore, the QAHE project should include all the steps for it to be successful. The project starts with the initiation stage which include different activities. Therefore, using the PRINCE2 approach has different benefits for the QAHE project. It can be repeated and is based on experience. The project manager has to be experienced to implement the approach (Tuttle, 2012). Everyone is included in the project and they are able to ensure that it meets its objectives. For instance, in QAHE project, all the stakeholders will be involved and will understand the risks from the initiation stage. It has unique processes that makes it a great process. Another advantage of the project is that it has well-defined steps that are easy to follow. The team members ought to make sure that there is a clear plan. It will help in guiding the project team throughout the project.

Also, PRINCE2 methodology helps in implementing a successful project. Quality is considered from the initiation stage to the last stage (Tuttle, 2012. It will help in ensuring the QAHE project is successful. All the stakeholders will be involved in the project and they can make important decisions to help in successfully implementing the project. Every person will have their responsibilities which will help in avoiding confusion during the project.

Also, the methodology is a leading approach in the UK. Therefore, it shows that it has been used by diverse organization which makes it suitable for the QAHE project. It is used in both the private and public sector (Pawar & Mahajan, 2017). Its project governance and delivery approach project management are based on three constraints. Hence, when utilizing the PRINCE2 approach the QAHE project will be managed within the time constraint, cost constraint and quality constraint. Also, a good project manager can make sure that the constraints adjust to one another to deliver the project within the scope.

However, if the project has an inexperienced project manager it may fail. The project manager needs experience. Also, if the PRINCE2 approach is not well implemented it may cause confusion among the team members (Pawar & Mahajan, 2017). They may not understand their roles which will have a negative impact on the QAHE project. Therefore, it is important to follow all the steps of PRICE2 methodology to ensure that the project is successful. The project manager needs to consider project environment as it has a huge impact on its success. If this does not happen, it may cause project failure. The project needs to have a valid justification throughout its life cycle. There should be a business case, that is outlined before the project starts.


Simplified Risk Register Table 1

VERY HIGH (5) High chance of fatalityIt is vital to consider controls
High (3) grave injuryIt is important to consider way of managing the risk
Medium (2) a chance of significant injuryThey risk cannot be reduced
Low (1) chance of minor injuryDoes not need further action

Budget breakdown of budget

ItemspecificationTime/unitsPrice (£)Total (£)
ComputersSamsung All-In-One 24″ (1TB HDD)65949.9961,749.35
paintPaint (Crown Breatheasy standard Emulsion cloud Burst- Silk Paint790L2.5L/ £14£4,424
Spectre Chair with armsSpectre Chairs with arms46£95  4,370
CarpetBlue2,120 Sq. m £38160
Recruitment team 7 days950950
Contractors 8 weeks9007,200
Project manager 162300£9,200  
Total   £162,554.72

Table 2

Bottom of Form

Bottom of Form

Bottom of Form

Bottom of Form


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The University of Manchester. (2008). DIRECTORATE OF ESTATES PROCEDURE AND

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Tuttle, S. (2012). Illustrating PRINCE2: Project management in real terms. Ely,

Cambridgeshire, U.K: IT Governance Pub.

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