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Psychological Disorders.


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Paper Instructions

This discussion post may be completed AFTER reading the chapter and watching the supplemental videos. Answer the following questions in your discussion. Please note your discussion post must be directly tied to chapter content: Psychological Disorders.

* What topic was of particular interest to you, and why?

* Conduct additional research on this topic in order to delve deeper. You may use the internet, the PPCC database, books, magazines, etc.

* Evaluate the credibility of your source(s) using the CRAAP Test. Briefly report on the credibility of your source(s). Summarize what you learned from your research IN YOUR OWN WORDS.

* What was your perspective and/or understanding of this topic before this assignment?

* How has your perspective and/or understanding of this topic changed as a result of completing this assignment?

* Remember to include your in-text citation(s), and share your source(s) of information in APA Format.

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