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PSY5101 Week 7 – Assignment: Develop A Diversity Brochure


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For this assignment, you will develop a brochure you could share with the general public that explores the role of diversity in a workplace of interest to you. Develop a diversity mission statement that includes a definition of how you view diversity and the importance of diversity to the workplace as well as the work that is performed at that workplace (i.e., if a community college incorporates both the role of diversity for the organization and teachers as well as the students and community served). Within your brochure, select one individual that you think highlights diversity in the historical development of psychology. Provide a very brief biography in relation to an individual’s contribution and importance to the historical development of the field.

You may provide additional information such as research on diversity related to your chosen workplace or demographic or community information, etc. You may also be creative by incorporating images, other graphics, charts, or bulleted lists.

Incorporate at least two peer reviewed sources, published within the last 7 years, in addition to the sources provided for this assignment. While this is a brochure, make sure to cite and reference sources.

Length: 2 pages