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PSY102 Critical Thinking Article


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PSY 102 Critical Thinking Article Analysis Assignment  

(85 points)

Purpose: This assignment is designed to promote critical thinking skills as they apply to psychological research.


1.      Identify a topic of interest to you that is covered in this course.

2.      You will need to find a peer-reviewed journal article that collected data with human participants. Check that your article has a method section. Articles that are meta-analyses or review articles will not work for this paper.

3.      Go to the PPCC website, click on Academics, then Library. Type in your keyword(s), and click on Full-Text and Peer Reviewed.

4.      You must have the full-text in a pdf file. You need to save the pdf file to your flash drive or hard drive.

5.      You must receive approval for your article before starting your paper.

6.      Use APA format for the assignment, including 12-point Times New Roman font, one inch margins, double spacing, in-text citations, and reference page. No title page, abstract or running header are necessary.

7.      Type your responses to the following in the provided template without altering or removing any section headings.

8.      Section 1: Relevance of Context (minimum word count: 250 or 1 page) Why were the researchers interested in the topic? What was going on (locally or globally) that motivated the researchers to study this topic? Briefly describe a few previous research studies on this topic, and share what they discovered about the topic. Explain how previous research on the topic influenced the current research study.

9.      Section 2: Explain the Issue (minimum word count: 250 or 1 page) Describe the current research study in detail. Who were the participants, how were they recruited, what did the researchers do, and what were the hypotheses?

10.  Section 3: Understand Implications and Make Conclusions (minimum word count: 250 or 1 page) What were the results of the research (describe any significant findings)? Were the researchers’ hypotheses supported? What did the researchers conclude (why do they believe they found support for the hypotheses or not)? Why does this research matter? How could these results be used in a practical way?

11.  Section 4: Identify Assumptions and Limitations (minimum word count: 250 or 1 page) What did the researchers assume were the limitations of their study, and why did they believe these to be limitations? What did you assume were the limitations of the study, and why do you believe these to be limitations? If you were going to study this topic, what would you do differently, and why?

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