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Oral “Pseudo-Defense” PPT Dropbox

Please submit here a narrated PowerPoint for your final presentation of your thesis proposal. Remember that this is not you reading a paper — this is more of a “sales pitch” than anything if you’re in need of a metaphor. 


– If you missed the final executive session, this must be narratedMust be narratedTEST IT BEFORE SENDING. I should be able to open it up and hit Present/Play and just let it go. If you fail to meet this requirement you will automatically lose 30% of the grade (3/10 possible points).

– Introduction topics, including criteria such as your project motivation, the gap/needs that brought you to it, and what significant considerations and context surround the topic area

– RQs/Hypotheses/Objectives, operationalized and justified. There should be NO ambiguity here. (Remember, “What is the impact of Big Data on Security” or “How do we make X better?” are not specific enough.)

– Literature Review, presented as the primary topics you separated your review into, the reason they are important and frame your study successfully, and what key sources/authors you identified (the important few). Discuss how this literature further informed your research agenda, methodology, and consideration of conclusions/limitations for your thesis

– Methodology, as precise as you can make it. Sample, collection, framework (if qualitative), analysis, intended outcome

– Conclusion, timeline and future projections of issues, routes to completion, etc. 

Note: should be men voice only

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