Providing security to education facilities". - Essay Prowess

Providing security to education facilities”.


As society has witnessed an increase in school shootings. Use what you have learned throughout this course and apply it towards “providing security to education facilities”.


You were hired to conduct a security analysis and write a report to the local board of education.  The report will be used before the new school year and most likely will either make or break your career in Physical Security.

Zero Points if it does not meet the following:

  • Must be in proper APA
    • Title Page
    • Abstract
    • Body
    • Conclusion
    • References
      • In-text Citations
  • Less than 30% matched content
  • Minimum of 3,000 words (use MS Word Counter).

Other disqualifying Factors:

  • If it matches another student’s work in whole or in part = Zero
  • If it matches course hero or online database for assignments = Zero
  • The sentence structures must make logical sense
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