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Protecting Patient Privacy in the Age of AI Healthcare: Solutions and Improvements


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PAPER 2: Problem-Solution Essay

The Future of Life Institute is an organization that studies new technologies and the potential problems they either create or solve. As part of its outreach program, it is asking college students to submit essays that identify a potential problem with the interaction of humans and AI (artificial intelligence) and propose solutions to that problem. Alternatively, you can discuss a problem that might be solved by using artificial intelligence or automation.


Your assignment is to write a problem-solution research paper that focuses on one of the topics listed below or to choose your own topic.
Your paper should accomplish the following tasks:
1) Identify a problem that you believe society will face in the near future as a result of AI
2) Explain how this problem affects society in negative ways (economic, social, physical, etc) 3) Propose a solution (or solutions) to this problem that is preferable to the status quo
4) Explain how your solution(s) will improve lives of humans as we interact with machines.  

Choose one of the following issues that you believe needs to be addressed in order to mediate the interaction between humans and artificial intelligence:

Automation (by AI/Robotics) that replaces human workers with machines
Human values and interpersonal relationships being altered by social technologies
The invasion of privacy (corporate or government surveillance) via technology
The use of AI to alter human cognition (perhaps leading to human-AI convergence?)
The manipulation of political and social movements by AI-centered social technologies
The use of ______________________________ that alters human social interactions.

OR: Argue that some new technology will provide solutions for an on-going social problem (for example, you might argue that our continuation of this course during the pandemic would be impossible without the technological advances of the last twenty years, and that education will only be enhanced by future technology).



            Format: APA Format with proper in-text citations and a References page

Length: Five to Six (5-6) typed, double-spaced pages (in 12-point Times New Roman font); the page count excludes the References list.

Sources: Four to six (4-6) scholarly sources. Each source must be referenced at least once in the paper (using paraphrase or quotation with in-text citation). Sources may be referenced more than once; however, sources should be used only to support your own ideas, the driving force of the discussion.


Your audience is composed of policy-makers (as well as your instructor). They will expect a formal, academic argument supported by research. Your audience is also composed of the other students in your class. Remember that your classmates might have a very different opinion of your chosen topic. You will need to provide them with sufficient explanation and evidence of careful research so that they understand your proposal.

This research paper will be graded proportionally. If you submit 2.5 pages for a 5-page assignment, you are only submitting half of the work. Therefore, a 2.5-page paper is a 50/F before it is evaluated against the grading rubric requirements. Similarly, incorporating less than 4 sources will result in grade deductions. In other words, you must meet the minimum page and sources requirements to avoid additional points being deducted from the paper’s overall grade.


Understand and apply principles of a problem-solution discussion (persuading your readers that the identified problem is significant and that your solution is viable)  

Understand the characteristics of an academic argument (using a focused and organized discussion that appeals to logic and that supports your thinking with secondary sources).  

Understand and apply requirements of the assignment, including the use of APA format, in-text citations, and a References page.

To organize your paper, use the resources our Rules for Writers textbook and links provided to our Blackboard shell. Include an introduction (thesis statement included), several body paragraphs that explain your problem and solution, and a conclusion that summarizes your discussion and explains its relevance.

Due Dates:
Sat. 10/16:                 Paragraph proposals
Sat. 10/23:                 Outline and Sources List                
Sat. 10/30:                 “Problem” rough draft
Sat. 11/6:                    “Solution” rough draft          
Sat. 11/13:                 Full rough draft

Sat. 11/20:                 Final draft (submitted to Blackboard)

Remember, the final draft must be presented in proper APA format, including a References page. It must be turned in as an electronic copy that you will submit to Blackboard. If you have any questions, please email or contact me via Teams. Good luck!

Essay Preview:

Problem: The use of artificial intelligence in the healthcare industry has the potential to harm patient privacy.

Impact: The widespread use of AI in healthcare can lead to the collection and analysis of large amounts of personal data, including medical records and genetic information. This data can be vulnerable to breaches, leading to the loss of privacy for patients. In addition, the use of AI in healthcare decision-making, such as in diagnostic tools, can lead to biased outcomes if the algorithms used to train the AI are based on biased data. This can disproportionately impact marginalized communities and lead to unequal treatment.

Solution: One solution to this problem is the implementation of strong privacy laws and regulations that protect patient data and require transparency in the use of AI in healthcare. This can include the requirement for explicit patient consent before collecting and using personal data, as well as the establishment of independent oversight bodies to monitor the use of AI in healthcare. In addition, efforts can be made to ensure the diversity of the data used to train AI algorithms, so as to avoid biased outcomes.

Improvements: By implementing these solutions, patients can have confidence that their personal data is being handled responsibly and ethically, and that they are receiving fair and unbiased care. This can lead to increased trust in the healthcare system and ultimately improve the lives of patients.

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