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Proposal for Establishment of a Radio Station


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Proposal for Establishment of a Radio Station

I have been working with World Bank Group and this organization has enabled me to realize that agriculture is among the core boosters of the worldwide economy.  However, many nations are encountering food shortage because they lack suitable farming methods and techniques which can help in improving their production. For instance, some nations have been requesting international governments to offer food aid, particularly during summer and winter. The above is clear evidence that there is a need to create an avenue which will ensure that the countries having higher chances of having deficiency are provided with innovative skills and tools for them to carry out agriculture effectively. In most cases, the group subjected to the above menace is always comprised of disadvantaged individuals since they can’t afford money to purchase fertile lands or purchase enough food. Because of the famine, I consider establishing a radio station to assist the farmers to conduct agriculture thus getting enough food as well as cash to sustain them even during starvation.

With the help of radio station, there are many things I will be able to do to help farmers in reducing and preventing famine. First, the radio station will be airing programs aiming at advising farmers about products which they need to use to enhance their production. In particular, I will ensure those farmers are given sufficient information concerning pesticides and fertilizers suitable for different types of plants. Similarly, the presenters will be informing the planters about the best crops and seeds they should farm in varying areas. Indeed, this action will lead to increase in quality and quantity of food products. On the other hand, the broadcasting will be of great importance to fish and bees keeping as well as poultry and livestock farming. The anchors will educate the farmers about the selection of different types of breeds through considering the climatic factors of various places.

Moreover, the radio station will create a platform where the farmers will get awareness regarding the tools which should be applied to diverse types of farming. It has come to my attention that the disadvantaged groups are unsuccessful because of using underdeveloped instruments hence failing to maximize their production. However, with the radio, it will be easy for me to reach many people hence creating awareness about modernized devices which optimizes production. In addition to airing information, the journalists working in this firm will visit farmers at their homes to check whether they are implementing the acquired knowledge.

Furthermore, the radio station will help in marketing different goods produced by farmers. Evidently, underprivileged individuals have been encountering challenges while trying to reach consumers. The above condition is making the producers sell their merchandises at low prices hence ending up at attracting fewer profits or making big losses. For example, the brokers buy goods from the farmers poorly though they later distribute them to customers at a higher fee. In connection with the above issue, the establishment of the radio station will enhance marketing of agricultural products and as a result ascertaining that sellers and buyers are interacting effectively without the intervention of middlemen.

Additionally, the radio station will enable the farmers to share their experiences with different individuals who are in the same field. Certainly, the establishment of the broadcasting unit will create a platform for farmers to exchange their minds, therefore, making them acquire sufficient knowledge which enables them to emerge successful in their daily operations. For instance, these individuals may instigate a discussion concerning the modern crops, livestock, poultries and bees hence guaranteeing that everybody is updated about changes happening within the agricultural sector. Indeed, the media will do a vital role in promoting farming.

Conversely, the scheme of instigating a radio station is valid and helpful activity and it will be supported by Aziz Foundation. For instance, this program focuses on supporting underprivileged group which is practicing farming in Britain. Correspondingly, the Aziz Foundation focuses on uplifting the lives of people who are below living standards hence it will warmly welcome my idea of instigating a scheme with an aim of helping the entire community. Also, the above funding organization supports projects that aid the progress of the whole society without excluding others. This radio station will improve agriculture without prohibiting the rich farmers hence the Aziz Foundation will offer financial aid with an aim of bringing about growth and development of the nation at large.

Budget for Establishing Radio Station

Item                             Cost (USD)
Transmission Equipment 8,000
Studio Equipment 5,000
Engineering Fees 2,000
Content Licensing 1,000
Garbage & Sanitation Services    800
ASCAP (licensing)    500
SESAC  (licensing)    200
BMI (licensing)    500
Sounds Exchange (Licensing)    400
Pacifica (Membership Dues)    800
Office Supplies    900
Electricity 5,000
Emergency Alert System (EAS) 2,000
Furniture 3,000
Power Generator 1,500
Sound Mixer 2,500
Microphones 1,000
Rental Fee (1st Year) 8,000
Workers’ Wears 5,000
Miscellaneous 2,000
Total 50,100

The above budget will be enough for establishing a radio station, though there will be monthly expenses and charges for workers and transportation fee to various destinations.

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